Chapter 1





"Ear pieces"

"Check" Vanessa grinned as she turned her ear piece on.

"Then I guess we're ready." Alana smirked and grabbed her clutch adjusting her golden brown hair in the mirror. It tumbled over her leather jacket in natural wavy curls. She turned back to face the girls, her light makeup making her glow, as well as the anticipation of a mission. 

"Can we PLEASE go to the party now? We're already an hour late." Clara grumbled as she scrolled through her iPhone checking her Facebook updates.

"We're just fashionably late, come on lets go." Alana slid down the  banister and nearly toppled as she landed in her 5 inch heels.

"That was smooth." Clara laughed and Vanessa giggled.

Vanessa sat on the stairs, her long tanned legs crossed at the heels. She played with her shoulder length dark hair, twisting the straight strands around her finger. She gazed up at her friends with large chocolate brown eyes highlighted in purple eyeliner. 

Clara strutted towards the full length mirror admiring herself in her new navy blue dress which brought out the blue-grey of her eyes and made her porcelain skin ethereal. Her straight brown hair framed her delicate face and she jumped as her hone pinged loudly. Probably another one of her admirers. She made a sarcastic quip over her shoulder before grabbing her bag full of gadgets and makeup.

These three particular girls weren’t exactly ordinary.

 "Come on, let's stop admiring ourselves and get back to work."  Alana said with a wink, and they left.

To the untrained eye they looked like three 16 year old girls, ready for a party. But what they really were was three 16 year old private investigators, ready for a party.


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