Chapter 15

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Seto's Pov

"You think it was a little harsh how Skybrine left Mitch out there frozen?" Huskey asked me.

"He deserved it." Sky said.

"It's really coming down isn't it?" Jerome asked walking into the room.

"What are you talking about?" Huskey asked.

"It's been raining for about 20 minutes." Jerome said. "It just started down pouring."

"You realize that Mitch is still out in the forest right." I said.

"Yeah." Sky said.

"And the blazes and demons can die from being in water for too long." I added.

"I messed up." Sky said. He teleported Mitch here. He was soaked in rain and still frozen.

"Did you unfreeze him?" Jerome asked.

"Yeah." Sky replied. "Mitch are you okay?" Mitch fell face first onto the ground. He had probably passed out.

"He'll be fine." I said moving him to a chair. "He just needs a little rest."

"Are you sure?" Jerome asked.

"He's a demon, he's basically invincible except for holy stuff." I said.

"So when are you going to bring Sky back Skybrine?" Huskey asked.

"I'm not done training you am I? Also Adam can hear everything you say." He answered. "Do you know if Bajan came back?"

"Yeah he did." Huskey replied. "He also had a fight with Mitch."

--The Next Day--

Skybrine's Pov

These guys a wimps. It's like they crack at the slightest touch. I had Ty and Mitch today. They were doing a little pvp.

"Mitch keep your guard up." I commanded. "Ty your stance is off."

"Can we take a break?" Mitch asked.

"Fine." I said. "You guys really need to improve your fighting skills. I'm trying to do this the modern way but-"

"If you don't like training the modern way then train us the way you used to." Ty said.

"Swords up." I commanded. "If you want it my way then you're gonna get it."

"Why did you drag me into this mess?" Mitch muttered.

I summoned my sword. "One hand behind your back and sword straight out." I moved my sword down and sliced the air in-front of me. "Repeat my movements. That includes you too Bajan." We repeated these motion along with a few others for a good 20 minutes. I then summoned a bow and handed it to Mitch. "You and Bajan go practice with a bow and arrow. I'll stay here and work with Ty."

"Why does he get to go work on something else?" Ty complained.

"He is better with a bow. You are better with a sword." I said. "Now repeat these motions."

I worked with Ty for an hour while Bajan worked with Mitch. I couldn't see him but I knew he was there. I stopped doing the motions but Ty kept going. He had hypnotized himself. It's either that or he knew I wanted him to keep going. While Ty was still working a went over to Mitch. Mitch's ears were slightly pointed. He had activated his demon powers. He shot an arrow and it hit it the middle of the yellow. Bajan was getting through to him! I looked again and saw a dark red aura around the arrow. It flew back into Mitch's hand. "Good job." I said.

"Thanks." Mitch said. "It took a while but I'm starting to get used to these powers."

"Now just try it without Bajan guiding the arrow." I said.

"You can't even see h-" Mitch started.

"I don't need to see him. I tell the difference between your powers. His is a dark red. You're would be a light red or dark orange." I cut him off. "Now try it again."

He raised the bow and aimed. He was aiming high. I pushed his bow down slightly. He didn't like it but he didn't shot the arrow while I was doing it. He fired. It hit the dead center.

"You do well but you're uneasy. You aren't comfortable with that bow." I said.

"It just doesn't feel right." Mitch said.

I summoned another bow. This one wasn't as simple as the one Mitch was using. This one was dark oak with symbols carved into it. You could also see a a red tint in each symbol. this was Bajan's bow. He had never missed a shot with it. "Try this one." I handed it to him.

"Where did you find this?" Mitch asked examining the bow.

"That was Bajan's bow. Take care of it, it's very hard to fix and only demons can use it." I said.

"What do the symbols mean?" Mitch asked.

"It's demon tongue." I explained. "I can't read it." I summoned the arrows to go with it. The arrow sling matched the bow and the arrows were each tipped with some red liquid. It wasn't blood, I've always assumed it was poison.

"There aren't that many arrows in it." Mitch said.

"There doesn't need to be. As long as there is at lease two arrows in it you will never run out of arrows." I explained. "You have a lot to live up to and I don't expect you to be worse than Bajan so just take the time to practice."

"I'll do my best."

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