Chapter 4

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Loki took another glance at the blood. He didn't like the look of it on Peter's wrists. 

"Come with me," he said, walking out of the room. Peter hesitantly followed. The corridor for the cells were small. There were only about other three cells other than his own. It was all a dull, gray color. 

Loki disappeared down a corridor, and Peter scrambled to follow. Behind the corridor lay beauty. There were tall pedestals with carvings. The carvings made beautiful flowers and swirls. They were a white\light gray. He gasped when he saw what lay behind. There was a garden, a beautiful garden. Colorful plants and flowers lay next to a walkway. The walkway, it being compacted dirt, led to a fountain, then spread around it. The fountain had flowers, the flowers around the fountain as the fountain had a continuous flow of water. Loki stood in the walkway, waiting for Peter and looking behind him. Peter slowly walked forward, meeting Loki in the middle. He smiled, waving his arm around the garden. 

"What do you think?" he asked. Peter looked at him with a honest-to-gods-smile. 

"What do I think? It's beautiful!" Peter said with glee. He bent down and looked at the beautiful flowers. He'd never seen any sort of exotic flowers displayed in the garden. 

"I see two beautiful flowers in front of me," Loki said, smirking. Peter was so happy he had a mask on to hide his flush. 

"I-I uh," he laughed sheepishly and touched his head. "T-Thanks." Loki smiled fondly at the man in front of him. So cute. Once Peter stood up again, Loki gently took a hold of his arm and led him to the fountain. He sat at the edge, encouraging Peter to do the same. Once he did, Loki gently engulfed one of Peter's wrists in to the fountain. Peter flinched and winced at the cold water and the sting. 

"I know it hurts," Loki sympathized, "but I'm afraid we cannot let it get infected." Peter nodded as Loki started to gently rub away all the dried blood and started to clean the wound. Loki did not enjoy to see how deep the cuts were truly were. 

"How long have you been trying to get out of the handcuffs?" Loki asked after about two minutes of straight rubbing. 

"Anytime you weren't with me," Peter said. Loki frowned. He had only been with the man for short periods at a time, leaving him with long amounts of loneliness.

"The wounds are deep," Loki replied. Peter shrugged. Once Loki was satisfied enough with the wrist, he started to work on the other. Peter winced and flinched as the clear water started to fill with red. Red.... Blood... Death... Uncle Ben... Gwen.... Everyone he tried to save but couldn't. 

Peter's mind filled with "my choice" and "with great power comes with great responsibility" and all their lasts words. 

"Your fault!" 

"You murderer!" 

"Get away from me!" 

"Unworthy creature!" 

"You don't deserve to live!" 

"Just die already!" 

 Suddenly he jerked his hands backwards and out of the water gasping.

"Peter? What's wrong?" Loki asked, looking at the man with a worried expression. Everything was alright, and then suddenly he jerked back. What was wrong? Did he do something wrong? 

"Peter, Peter calm down!" Loki laid a hand on Peter's back. "Breath, breath. Calm down, it's okay." he tried to make his voice soothing. Peter took a deep breath and exhaled. 

"S-Sorry," he said, looking away. "Memories." Loki nodded. He looked at Peter's wrists, the blood now wet and running again, and how the red liquid trickled down to his hands. He gently wiped the blood off on the fabric on his shoulder. 

"Come," Loki said. "I have a surprise for you." He guided Peter to a different room. 

He sat Peter down at a table. Peter looked at the god with a suspicious glare, even if it went unnoticed. Loki left to go and fetch something and Peter just sat in a silence. There was a chandelier hanging above him, shining brightly. The table was a square, and it reminded him of breakfast with the team. Soon enough, Loki returned. 

He handed Peter a hot dog, and said man smiled. Loki sat next to him, own hot dog in his hand. 

"Thanks," Peter said, taking a bite, "you didn't have to do this." Flavor evolved in his mouth, and he was just happy he got to eat it. Loki shrugged. 

"It was nothing. Besides, you left me wondering what this Earth food was. May I ask, what the green bits are?" he took a bite of it and was surprisingly pleased. 

"Nobody knows," he smirked. 

"Why would you eat something you don't know what's in it? Doesn't it leave you wondering?" 



2 Days After Disappearance 

"Tony, did you ever find out what happened to Peter?" Clint asked, flipping through the channels full of boredom. 

The arachnid had not come to say 'hi' like Tony had claimed. Nobody really thought anything of it, Peter probably went home. Tony shrugged, 

"Nope. Check the news, he's probably on there if you wanna go and catch him." Clint groaned, he wanted the rematch!

He flipped to the news anyway, curiosity getting the better of him. 

"-crime has gone up 70% up since the disappearance of Spider-Man two days ago. Nobody knows what has happened to the friendly spider, but fans are devastated. We all pray that our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will return to his duties soon, and that nothing too bad has happened to the man." The news woman spoke with a grim face. 

Clint dropped the remote. 

"Tony!" he yelled drastically. Steve looked up from the newspaper with a grim face. Pietro looked up from his sandwich. Logan's eye twitched at the thought of the arachnid being experimented on. Bucky's arm twitched.

All the Avengers had grown close to the arachnid, and seeing his true age just made them all even more protective. He was the little brother of the Avengers, and everyone loved him. 

And now someone harmed their little brother. 





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