Chapter 1 - The Playboy

(One day before the confession)

** Tori's POV **

It's another typical Tuesday here in the cafeteria while I enjoy reading my book, A Walk to Remember, by Nicholas Sparks. Our school is considered the most prestigious Private School in New York City. This school is known for being exclusive to the sons and daughters of the rich and famous.

You can imagine the kind of life that I live with each day here; bullies, social-climbers, backstabbers, popular people, you know, typical high school setting, like Gossip Girl, minus the drama. Sitting beside me is my best and only girl friend, Chloe.

Charlotte Loise, also known as Chloe, is the daughter of one of the most famous fashion designers in the world. I want to emphasize that Chloe is the hottest and most beautiful girl in this school. She is charismatic, charming, talented, care free and very fashionable. No wonder every guy in our school wants to date her, not to mention the models and celebrities outside the premise.

Chloe is a true friend. She always looks out for me. She teaches me to be strong, to fight back when necessary and how to be a total hottie. But no matter how many times I tried to apply her teachings, I just can't see myself doing those things. I'm different. I'm very shy, always hiding behind my books. I can't even have a long conversation with boys, well except for Nathan, and I'm a Ms. Goody-goody. I always obey the proper rules, even when it comes to proper wearing of uniforms.

Well, all the girls in our school wear our uniforms in the most stylish ways. Most of them make the skirt shorter, replace the bow tie into a necktie and loosen the polo. And of course they all copied this from Chloe, which is known as the trendsetter.

Everyone expects me to be like Chloe; that I should act and dress like her just because we're best friends, but I think I'm her opposite. I'm dull, conservative and boring. The only thing that we have in common is we're both rich.

But even if Chloe has the attention and I got the sympathy, I really didn't mind it. She's more than just a best friend, she's like a sister to me, and I never envied her. Whatever she had right now, she truly deserves it and I don't want to steal that limelight from her.

Chloe is always there for me. It's like I'm her baby sister that always needs to be protected and taking care of. I still remember the day we became friends.

When we were in ninth grade a lot of rich spoiled brats were picking on me, seniors to be exact. Since we didn't have any average kids in our school, it’s the smart people that were always bullied. But luckily, thanks to Chloe, she saved me from those mean girls and decided that I should hang out with her so no one would bully me again. Since that day, no one has ever did mean things to me.

I owe everything to Chloe, if it weren't for her, I'd still be alone with no one to talk to. And in return, I promised that I would do everything to make her happy and pleased, even if it's the most stupid and probably the lamest idea ever.

"You look happy." I noticed that Chloe is giggling while reading something at her phone.

"Oh, it's Greg. We're going on a date." She answered gleefully.

Greg Tailer is a model and Chloe's boyfriend. They have been together for three weeks now. And I can sense that she's happy with him. I just hope it won't end up like the others. I really hate it when guys leave her with no decent reason.

"Well, you're always going on a date, right? Not to mention, skipping class with him all the time. What's so different from this time?" I queried curiously.

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