Chapter 11

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"So, we need to do some redecorating" Lauren spoke as she walked towards Camila who was having her breakfast.

"Why?" Camila asked slurping her milk.

"Because, we are having a baby, and we need a room for the baby, and all the furniture and everything else"

"We'll get everything sorted, don't worry" Camila laughed.

"Camz, you're nearly 7 months pregnant now, we need this shit soon!"

"And we will, calm down babe" Camila spoke as she kissed Lauren on the lips. "If you're so freaked out about getting everything done, why don't we buy all the furniture tomorrow?"

"Why tomorrow?" Lauren asked confused.

"Because you're family is coming over soon! Gosh, and I'm the one with pregnancy brain" she laughed as Lauren hugged her and mumbled that she only forgot for a second.

"Camz, do you want to know the gender of the baby yet?" Lauren asked as she led Camila into the living room.

"Nope, I mean, I want it to be a surprise, do you?" Camila asked as she snuggled into Lauren.

"I just want to meet the lil nugget as soon as possible. As long as the baby is happy and healthy, that's all I care about" Lauren answered truthfully.

"You're a beautiful mama" Camila praised as she kissed Laurens temple, "what about names? I remember our talk about Skylar and Oscar?"

"Oh no, not Oscar, nope, not anymore. Lucy had an ex called Oscar and I kinda punched him?"

"Really? Why?" Camila laughed out loud.

"He was just... Such a fuck boy" Lauren sighed, how could someone be that much of a fuck boy, Lauren had no idea. "Anyways what about you? Any names that you like?"

"Yeah, its actually a special one too" Camila smiled as she looked at Lauren.

"You gonna tell me then?" Lauren asked as she bit her lip seeing how happy Camila was.

Camila leant into Lauren and whispered in her ear. She then pulled back and looked at Laurens face to get her reaction.

"What do you think?"

"Why did you whisper the name to me?"

"Because its a special and unique name I think Lo, and if I say it out loud... Someone else, like a celebrity, will steal our baby's name and it will be all over the world! No ones taking our baby's name"

"Camz... I'm kinda a celebrity, well famous, well known I suppose now you know? Along with Jai?"

"I know, Rose was like... Addicted to you. It was so hard not saying, 'Oh yeah that famous girl you're addicted to, well I remember her because we were girlfriends", if she knew she'd probably kill me and marry you" Camila joked.

"Camz, I have to say this... If I don't say it now, it will kill me. I love you, and I've fucking missed telling you that. I'm in love with you. I love everything about you" Lauren spoke as Camila cried with her emotions.

"I love you too booboo, and I love our little baby"

"Maybe we can clear out one of the guest rooms and turn into a baby room? Maybe clear out a few rooms and make some guest rooms have a double bed? I'll make a plan of everything!" Lauren planned as she clapped her hands together.

"Your family have just gotten out of their car" Camila informed as she looked out the window and saw the Jaureguis.

Lauren ran to then door and smiled as she saw her siblings and parents, "hola mama and papa" she greeted her parents with a hug before greeting Christopher and Taylor.

They all walked into the empty living room as Lauren looked around, "I'll make you all a drink" she spoke as she went into the kitchen and saw Camila already preparing the drinks. "I thought you ran away from me" Lauren spoke as she took a sigh of relief.

"You're not getting rid of me that easily babe" Camila winked at Lauren.

"I'll take the drinks in, you go sit down with my family"

"Im scared, can you maybe, tell them all about why I went missing? And where's Poppy? I haven't seen her in ages!"

"Jai has Poppy for now, well Chelsey does, she's been taking care of her whilst I've been away. I'll talk to my family, but I want you there with me" Lauren said as she held out her hand for Camila as she held it before gently placing a kiss on it.

"Lets see your family then"

"Our family Camz, we're having a baby together. This is us as a family, we are a family" Lauren smiled at her girlfriend.

"Once they know, can we invite my family over and the girls? We can all just have a 'family reunion' or something?"

"You phone them now, I'll take the drinks in and let my family know that the love of my life has returned, and then you can come back once you're finished making the calls and my family can fight over who gets to hug you first" Lauren planned as Camila nodded before thanking her girlfriend.

Speaking about the horrible ordeal Camila went through was hard for Lauren, but she would rather say it that let Camila relive it herself, once she had finished Camila entered the room and Mike darted up from his seat and gave Camila a hug, whispering that he was so glad she was back.

Once Mike calmed down, Camila announced that everyone was coming over, to which Clara decided to help Lauren in the kitchen.

Not even half an hour later and Laurens house had her own family in, Camila's family in as well as the friends that they had made.

"Lets all eat this outside, the weather is lovely, lets celebrate!" Mike spoke as everyone stepped out of the house and into the back garden and went to many different places mingling.

Lauren laughed at the sight if Jai and Chris together, they got on well, as though they has been friends for a long time. She then remembered the time Chris caught Jai and herself in bed as she was nearly straddling him as she tickled him.

She saw Clara and Sinu laughing and joking as Taylor sat with Ally, Normani, Dinah and Camila.

This was her family, the people she loves most all together.

Two hours had passed and everyone still seemed as lively as earlier, they all sat down in a circle as they shared stories and jokes with one another, as well as asking questions that they may not have known before.

Everything was going well.


"So Camila and Lauren, what are you both now? Because obviously you are both having this kid together, but like, Lauren was gonna propose to you in Rome, like are you fiance's now?" Chris asked confused as everyone saw Lauren freeze and Camila swing her head around to look at Lauren.

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