Sugar And Spice And… Not Everything Nice?



   "Oh, my gosh!" Squealed Vanessa Hayes, one of the prettiest girls from my class. Her wide eyes were completely glued to the set of black pumps that I was wearing. She quickly grabbed a chair next to her, tucking some of her dark hair behind her ear. "Is that from Manolo Blahnik's 2011 Fall collection? Those cost an arm and a leg! How could you possibly afford them?"

   I shrugged and smiled sweetly.

   "You will be prom Queen!" A cheerleader named Lexy clapped her hands in excitement. "I'm positive the whole school will vote for you! Oh, hail Queen Allie!"

   I beamed at all the praises that was thrown at me left and right. It's so good to be the center of attention. Seriously, that's what you get when you're the Alpha female of Olympian High.

   What Allie wants, Allie gets.

   I'm all sugar and spice and everything nice.

   "Oh, I'll definitely be prom Queen." I said in a confident tone, inspecting my newly French-manicured acrylic nail tips. The girls before me in their blue and white cheerleading outfits were all smiling up to their ears.

   "And guess who will be prom King?" Agatha said in a sing song voice.

   "Archer Colt." Natalie huffed behind me as she rolled her eyes.

   That's Natalie Peterson.

   My co-captain for Olympian's cheerleading squad. She's one of my BFF's, but at the same time my arch rival when it comes to everything, especially to Archer Colt, Olympian High's Alpha male. The number one hottie and quarterback of the football team.

   No, he's not my boyfriend. Not yet.

   But he'll soon be.

   "Wow, Allie, I'd kill to be in your shoes for one day," Vanessa gushed, fanning herself. “Archer freaking Colt! You're one lucky girl."

   "Speak of the devil," Aggie announced. "There he is now."

   "Jealous much?" I said sweetly towards Natalie. She just grinned back at me, tossing her straight blonde hair over her shoulders.

   Archer and Frankie Corleone came through the door giving man hugs and fist pumps to everyone they saw along the way. I immediately fixed my hair as Archer strode over to me, giving me a quick peck on the cheek before sitting down next to me.

   "Hey." He said, winking at me with those long, sexy eyelashes of his.

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