Chapter 21

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-------------BRUNO'S P.O.V--------------

"You should lay her down in bed so she's more comfortable." Phillip said as he took a drink from his cold beer.

I looked down were Nala was quietly snoring. Her hands were around my legs and her hair had turned into a mess of curls. I grabbed her gently and put her on the other sofa so her full body would be laid down. I would have taken her upstairs to my room, but my gut instinct told me to keep an eye on her. I sat back down in my earlier spot and looked at her from afar.

"So, have you told her about us?" Phillip asked, getting my attention.

"What about us?" I asked as Phillip took another drink from his beer.

"About what we do. What we've done?" Phillip said.

I sat there quietly.

"No." I finally said.

"Bruno, you have to tell her. Sooner or later she's going to find out and if you want her to stay with you and to trust you then you have to tell her the truth." Phillip said as he put his beer on the floor.

"I haven't told her because I know she will leave. If she finds out about your criminal record and mine she will leave me. Besides, she's safer if she doesn't know. And keep your voice down." I said, looking back at Nala who was in a deep sleep.

Just as Phillip was about to speak, the house phone rang. I stood up and walked towards the other side of the living room where the phone was loudly ringing. I grabbed the phone and slowly put it up to my ear.

"What." I asked, not caring who it was.

The line was silent for a few seconds when a familiar voice came through the line. Drew.

"Bruno Mars. I finally got your name." Drew said, followed by a silent laugh.

My free hand slowly turned into a fist and anger filled my senses.

"You have a lot of damn nerve to call me. I thought I had made myself clear does two times that I almost killed your sorry ass." I said, my temper growing more each second.

"Don't threaten me Mars. I only called to tell you that I will find you and Nala, and I will kill you. Now, Nala..."

"Don't you f***** dare do anything to her!" I yelled at the black phone.

"What did I say about threatening. I won't kill her, i'll have some fun with her and then... Well, you'll see. If you get to live that long at least."

The line went silent and all I could hear was my heavy breathing against the phone. My anger was now being mixed with fear. Fear of loosing her. I let the phone fall from my hands and turned around and saw Phillip and Nala standing, both looking at me.

"What's going on?" Nala asked as she came closer to me, my fear growing.

---------------NALA'S P.O.V--------------

I was woken up by yells coming from the other side of the room. I opened my eyes and found Bruno talking on the phone.

"Don't you f***** dare do anything to her!" Bruno yelled at the phone as his neck vain reappeared.

I stood up from the couch and quietly walked towards Phillip and towards the couch that me and Bruno had originally been seated in. I turned towards Phillip and noticed that his face expression was the same as mine, confusion. Suddenly, a loud BANG was heard as the phone fell from Bruno's hand to the floor. He turned around and stood there, looking at us. I took a few steps closer to him and I quickly identified fear deep in his eyes.

"What's going on?" My mind spoke for me.

He stood there, not saying a single word.

"Bruno?" I asked as I took more steps closer to him.

I was now standing right in front of him and his eyes had been filled with more fear. He gave Phillip a quick glance and then his eyes directed back towards me.

"Guys, we're going shopping." Bruno said.

He walked towards the door and grabbed his car keys. Phillip and I exchanged confused looks when Bruno called us over. We all got out and walked towards Bruno's car. Bruno opened the back door for me as Phillip got in the passenger seat. Bruno finally got inside the car and sat there.

"What's going on?" Phillip asked suddenly as Bruno turned on the car.

"We have to change our looks." Bruno said, still not being specific.

"Great. Makeovers. Who was in the phone." Phillip asked as he fixed his glasses.

"Not important. What's important is to keep Nala safe." He said as he pointed to the bottom of Phillip's seat.

Phillip nodded and looked under his seat where he grabbed two black objects. He put one of them in this jacket and the other he handed to Bruno. Bruno quickly grabbed it and put it on the inside of his jeans. Curiosity filled me aswell as thoughts of what the objects could be. I ignored the questions and curiosity that were filling my mind when my mind decided to speak to me like before.

Guns. It's guns. Run. You're in danger.

I ignored the comments and laid my head down in the window when something black caught my eye. I bent down and reached for the object when Bruno stopped the car. I sat back up and pretended nothing happened. I looked back down at the object that had been so close to my hands when my door opened, ruining my chance to obtain the object. I got out of the car with Bruno's help and my curiosity was now completely taking over me.

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