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Me and Peter talk a lot but for the past couple of weeks we haven't. Here's why.

"Man she's changed you." Dan laughs.
"Relax boys I'm only keeping her around to make her think I love her so she doesn't suspect when I take her heart!" Peter explains.
"You lied to her." Conner gasps. "She trusts you and you're lying to her!"
"Don't act so shocked." Gabe says. "We all knew it couldn't have been true."

That's why I'm not speaking to Peter. Except he doesn't know that's why. He probably thinks I'm busy. I took of my locket for a while but put it back on because something isn't right.

In school everything is good. I told Migi that I might go M.I.A sometimes, Matt is obsessed with me, and Channing tries to butt into my life whenever he can. But last week he vanished and is nowhere to be found.

Home is better. I told dad the same thing I told Migi, Jackson and Micheal have tortured me less, and John respects the fact I'm not fond of his parenting or his sons. And Spiral lives with me and my family.

The last thing is I know Peter is holding truth when he says he love me. Cause deep down Peter does love me and wouldn't ever kill me or let someone else hurt me.

But something's coming. Something bad!

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