Chapter Nine» Forgotten Past

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All thoughts disappeared from my mind. Every reason, every excuse.  Everything disappeared leaving me vulnerable and exposed.  It was as though someone had punched me in the stomach, knocking all the air away from me.  Leaving me breathless.

Staggering backwards,  the hazel of my eyes widen. Seeing Ammar look at me. His face hardening and his eyes,  a swarm of emotions, flooding through them.

Opening my mouth, I tried speaking yet nothing came out,  making the larger man stare at me. As though any minute right now he would explode. Lashing out hundreds of words, yet he didn't.  He remained silent.

" I.. I don't understand" I spoke softly. Boggled at how he had known,  the words I uttered. I hadn't said it out loud to him,  then how would he know?.  My eyes darted towards him,  seeing him step forward. His large figure intimidating my small one.

"Oh I think you know all too well, what I mean" he spoke. His tone harsh, anger evident in them making me bite my lower lip in nervousness, seeing his eyes darken.

" I'm sorry,  I didn't mean to-" I started.  Feeling tears sting my eyes all of a sudden, as he tensed. His hand reaching under my chin, bringing my gaze up.

The dark of his eyes were now soft, as hundreds of emotions swarmed through his face. Making me swallow, down my dry throat. Feeling tears ready to fall.

" Hey Shh.  I didn't mean to upset you,  I was only teasing. You were whispering about Arshad,  which I'm assuming is your older brother" he asked teasingly. Making me look up, my eyes widening.

Something about the way his eyes looked at mine, declared he was lying. He and I both knew,  whose name I had uttered last night. Yet, why did he lie? I thought moving away from his hold. Seeing his face harden slightly.

"Yaseen. He is-was my husband" I whispered. My voice thick with emotions as he tensed. I could hear him inhale sharply, his eyes looking at mine. As I spoke, my voice barely a whisper. 

" I-I didn't mean to".  I mumbled,  seeing Ammar look at me. An unknown emotion flashing through his eyes.  Stepping forward,  I started, seeing him halt. His gaze on mine.

"He too was in the army,  but he dìed. Three years ago." I said. My throat tightening making Ammar sigh. His soft voice reaching my ears. 

"I know.  Dada and your Abba told me. We already knew that. Aazeen,  there's nothing to be asham-" he started when suddenly the door was pushed open.  Making us both tense and turn around. I could feel my eyes landing on Nazeen, as she stepped forward with a beautiful brunette close behind her. 

"Ammar dear, look whose come to see you" Nazeen clapped excitedly as the brunette behind her stepped forward, the green of her eyes twinkling as she sported a red long dress,  her long hair cascading down her back. Nervousness consumed me as Ammar beside me tensed. His gaze hardening. 

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