"What Happened?"

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" Your weaker than I thought." He said as his buddies laughed behind him.


" I bet your mom hated you." Another shouted. She did.


" No wander you don't have a dad anymore," He said," He couldn't stand to look at you!"


He finally pushed me to the ground and kicked some dirt on me before leaving with his little pack right behind him.

I spit the blood out of my mouth and stumbled onto my feet. I defiantly have a black eye,...and a cracked rib or two. I shrugged of the pain and limped to the little girl who was sitting a few meters away from be, shaking with her head in her hands.

I kneeled down beside her despite the pain and carefully touched her shoulder.

She flinched and scooted further away," Hey, hey, it's ok." I cooed," The bad guys are gone now, they can't hurt you anymore."

She sniffled and looked up at me, where icy blue eyes filled with tears and her face was all puffy and red.

" T-they've done I-it before a-and t-they'll d-do it again." She sniffled before a fresh set of tears poured onto her face and she curled back into a tight ball.

I sighed sadly and softly wrapped my arms around her before picking her up gently and walking home. I knew her mom, one of the sweetest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, so I knew she lived just down the block from me.

" Sh, Noah, it's gonna be ok." I said as she wrapped her tiny arms around my neck and buried her face into my neck. I sighed and contained to limp home.

Soon enough I made it to the front of her home and her mom can barreling towards up, taking Noah out of my arms gently before looking back up at me.

" Thank you Alaska." She said with tears in her eyes," For protecting my little girl."

" I was an honor." I said with a sad smile and started to walk away before she shouted at me.

" Dakota, Be safe."

" I always am Mrs. Lawrence." I said with a mock salute before walking down the block and up onto my own front porch.

I pulled my hood up and unlocked the door before stepping inside. God, I'm feeling really light headed.

The wood creaked as I walked slowly through the house, trying to make it to my room without getting caught by my dad, and to heal my wounds which were almost gone.


Oh god please, kill me now...

" Alaska Woods, I can here you walking around the house like an elephant." He shouted as I tried to make my way back to the door. Before I could blink he had come out and grabbed my arm tightly.

" Alaska, where have you been?" He asked softly, pulling me into a bear hug. I kept you head low and looked down at the ground again.

" Nowhere, just got side tracked heading home." I mumbled.

" Huh, ok." He said," Well, um Luca's out back waiting." He said and walked away,  to do some alpha stuff. Luca was our wolf dog hybrid that I love to pieces.

I walked into the kitchen and set my bag down on the counter, opening the fridge and getting a cheese stick out before heading out back.

" Luca!" I called and whistled as he came barreling towards so knocking me over and licking me on the face." Eww, doggy kisses." I whined and pushed his off of me.

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