Surreal Disorder: Days Gone By

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Surreal Disorder—Days Gone By

Written and sung by Nicole Lambert

Genre: screamo rock.

Inspiration: What this person did to me in the fourth grade (and I have gotten over it, but I still wanted to write the song). No, I do not feel this strongly about the situation, so don’t think I need some mental help or anything like that.


Can you imagine the days going by,

The days going by like the waves?

Can you believe the days passing by,

The days passing by like the birds?

I must say farewell. This is good-bye.

This is good-bye to the world.

And still no guilt has been placed upon you,

Been placed upon you for my death.

Do you dare to tease?


And you should hear the names

That people call you,

Including your old friends.

These names can be backstabber

And bitch, which you are.

I have to agree on those names.

And with every deep cut

That I make on my skin

Always remind me of you.

Now, will you please look at me

And my soars and dried blood

And just admit that you’ve done wrong.

(whisper) wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong

(scream) wrong.

(repeat chorus)

Do you dare to

(scream) tease?

Should I let you choose

Between a gun to my head

Or a rope tied around my neck?

And so I strongly believe

That you’ll enjoy that,

Seeing my funeral in the news.

And people will blame you

Before they get to know you.

They’ll think you’re some horrible little girl.

But that’ll be just fine

Because you deserve that.

Maybe you’ll see the error in your ways.

(whisper) ways, ways, ways, ways, ways, ways.

(scream) ways.

(repeat chorus)

I hope you hurt.

‘Cause I will drown in my own blood.

And you,

And you

Will only have yourself to blame.


(scream) It’s a war you’ve brought upon yourself!

(repeat chorus)

Do you dare to tease?