Chapter 15

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Several more weeks passed, and Aylanara lived peacefully with John and Sherlock. Mycroft didn't come again, and Sherlock was beginning to truly appreciate the meaning of family.

Though these things can never last. Peace may come, but tge storm always takes over again.

It was an oridinary day in the apartment. John was watching TV with Alyanara, and Sherlock was conducting experiments in the kitchen.

John and Alyanara were so wrapped up in the show, that they didn't hear the footsteps coming up the stairs.

They did hear the door blast open though.

Through it stepped an armed squad of men, who looked ready to kill.

"I'm assuming there here for you?" John said.

"Your assumptions are correct," Alyanara said, backing away towards the kitchen. She slipped in.

"Sherlock," she said, "They've come,"

He looked up.

"Already?" he asked, putting down his tools, "Is Mycroft there?"

"No," Alyanara said with a slight edge to her tone, "He got someone else to do his dirty work,"

The armed men came into the kitchen. Alyanara put up her hands.

"Are you ready to come with us?" the man asked.

"Did my brother send you?" Alyanara asked.

The man looked rather embarresed.

"Yes...yes he did," the man said after a moments silence.

"I'll come with you," Alyanara said, "But I have something for you to tell Mycroft,"

"What's that?" the man asked, attaching handcuffs to Alyanara's wrists.

"Tell him I'm ashamed of him," Alyanara said, "No Holmes gets others to do things like this for them. When I die, the only one left will be Sherlock. Mycroft has lost the right to the name,"

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