I'm me again

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We fly into my bay window and sit down in the ledge. "I don't know how to say goodbye to you." I feel a tear fall down my face.
"Then don't," he wipes the tear away and lifts up my chin. "I'll be back and we'll be together again."
I take a deep breath and smile. "Next time?" I ask.
"Next time." He smiles back.
"Keep your locket opened," I tell him. "I'm gonna get revenge on Matt and you're gonna want to see it."
"I wouldn't miss it for the world." He grins.

I stand up and look at him with wide twinkling eyes. "I love you Peter Pan."
"I love you Love." He leans in and we kiss one last time before he jumps on the window and flys away. Not looking back.

"Wendy?" Dad comes in and stops in the doorway.
"Hi dad." I run up and give him a big bear hug. "I did it, I found myself. I'm me again."
"So you remembered who you truly are?" He asks.
"I embraced it." I tell him. "I'm sorry I left without saying goodbye." Not that I had a choice.
"I'm just glad my baby is home!" He whispers into my ear.

"You're back!" John, Jackson, and Micheal all step into the room.
"And better then ever." I smile and hug John. "I missed you two." I let go and look at Jackson and Micheal.
"You did?" They say together.
"Yea," I hug them together. "I actually did!"

Jackson and Micheal insist on driving me to school this morning. The drive is quiet but nice. As we pull up into the school's parking lot they both swing around and look at me. "Did you meet anyone when you were gone?" Jackson asks.
"Yes," I smile thinking of Peter. I know he's listening because I told him to watch my revenge on Matt. "His name is Peter and he's a great guy."
"Good to know." Micheal smiles. "I'm glad you found someone good enough for you."
"I'll see you two later." I hop out of the car and head into the school.

I get a few looks from everyone but my eyes are on the three boys who are holding a ten year old girl's book. I walk over and grab the book from them. "Scram!" I snap at them. The three of them hurry away. I turn to the little girl standing below me. "I'm Wendy Darling," I tell her handing her her book. "What's your name?"
"I'm Migi Allen." She smiles. "Thank you for getting my book back. I'm new and everyone loves to pick on the new kid."
"Well Migi," I hold my hand out waiting for her to take it. "It's good to have at least one friend to help you along the way."

Migi takes my hand and walks with me to my locker. "Do you have any friends?" She asks.
"Yea, their names are Brad, Robbie, Dan, Nico, Kai, Gabe, Conner, and Peter." I look down at her and give her a genuine smile. "And my newest friend Migi."
"Do your other friends go here?" Her eyes light up.
"No they live far away." I reassure her. Like one star to the right far. "Wanna watch me get revenge?"
"Yes!" She jumps up and claps her hands.
"Good," I look over and see Matt walking down the hall with Jenny on his arm. "Here comes my target now."

Matt spots me and pulls off Jenny. "How many times do I need to tell you? I'm with someone else!" Matt yells at her.
"I don't understand why but fine be with that thing." She snickers. Just you wait till you see what this "thing" can do!

Matt walks over and gives me a smile. "I've missed you." He says.
"Aww I haven't missed you!" I grin. His smile fades away with confusion. "Jenny!" I wave her over.
"What do you want?" She snaps.
"Is just going to tell your boyfriend what I know." I ensure her.

I look over at Matt. "I know you've been seeing Jenny again. And I also know you just used me to get Jenny jealous and now you want to use me again to make you miss her. Someone who saw you two told me all about it. So if you even consider trying to use me or anyone else again you won't have to worry about getting back together with Jenny. I'm not that girl I used to be. I'm me again! And I'm not waiting around for you to realize that I'm good enough for you because you're not good enough for me! Understand?" I smile.

After a minute of silence Matt opens his mouth. "What would make you think I'm not good enough for you?"
"That fact that you're a liar, a cheat, a selfish boy who don't care about anyone, not to mention ugly on the inside, and finally you don't want to be with anyone besides a bitch!" I snap.
"So I'm not ugly on the outside?" He smiles in amusement.
"You will be if you try and use me or any other girl again?" I growl.
His face turns cold in embarrassment. "Fine, Wendy. I'll never use you or any other girl again. But I will make you fall for me again."
"In your dreams asshole!" I take Migi's hand and we walk down the hall gaining stare of worship by everyone.

I go into the girls bathroom during first period and open my locket. "Like the show?" I ask.
"Very much," I look down and see Peter laughing. "Love you never fail to amaze me."
"Then I'm going my job." I laugh. "Bye Peter."
"Bye Love." He winks.

School goes by fast and I'm stuck waiting for my brothers to pick me up.
"Who are you waiting for?" I snap my head around and see a pair of familiar eyes.
"Channing!" I step back.
"I told you I was considering coming to London." He shrugs.
"And I told you my world is very different them yours." I roll my eyes.
"So who are you waiting for?" He asks again.
"My stepbrothers," I answer. "Who are you waiting for?"
"No one I'm just here to show you I'm here." He says.

I see my Jackson's car pull up into the parking lot. "Well I have to go." I start walking to the car but hear Channing follow me.
"Hey Wendy!" Micheal pops his head out of his window.
"Hi," I open the door and look back at Channing one last time. "I have homework let's go home."
"Who's your friend?" Jackson says sternly.
"Oh he's not my friend." I explain. "He's a jerk who goes here now."
"Love you too Wendy!" Channing calls out.

Jackson opens his door and steps out. "Stay away from our sister. Got it?"
"Can't stop a crush man." Channing sighs. "She's just intriguing."
"She's taken." I mutter. "Jackson can we go?"
"Yea yea let's go." He gets back in.

"Hey there's Matt!" Micheal points out.
"Keep driving!" I snap. They both turn and look at me. "I told him off because he cheated on me." I shrug.
"That's the Wendy we love." Micheal laughs.

A lot has changed over the past couple of days. I found myself, I found love, I made friends, I found a family, and became the Truest Believer. That's right I know that's who I am but I still don't believe!

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