Chapter 11

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Aylanara woke up groggily. Her head was spinning, and she felt dry blood on her neck. She'd been knocked out.

She sat up carefully, adjusting to her surroundings. She was in...a changing room. This was beyond strange.

She stood up, her head making her feel dizzy. But she was a Holmes. She could analyse her surroundings even if she was dying. Which unfortuantly, had a high chance of happening.

She sat on one of the benches, waiting for the person she knew was coming.

He walked, grinning, hands in his pockets.

"How was your sleep?" he asked.

"More pleasant than this conversation," Aylanara snapped.

"Ooo," Moriarty said, "Your certainly feisty,"

She said nothing to this, just focused on the wall, trying to stop her head from spinning. Now was not a good time to pass out.

"Your brother will be here soon," Moriarty said, "Came running as soon as I mentioned you. Funny, what family makes you do, hey?"

Aylanara shot him a glance.

"Hurt him and I will slit your throat open with my fingernails," she threatened.

"I'm so scared," he said sarcastically.

Then they heard a door slam.

"That'll be your brother," Moriarty said.

And he reached out and grabbed hold of Aylanara, pressing his gun against her head.

"Let's go give him a show, shall we?" Moriarty said, pushing her out the door to where Sherlock was waiting..

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