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things couldn't have been better after that.

jupiter and i did go on a second date; this time i planned the night. i made lunch for us and we ate it at the beach, at the spot where i first saw him. i watched as he ate the chicken salad in small yet determined bites, a sad smile curving my mouth when i see that while he left more than half of it, he ate more than he usually did. afterwards we slipped off our shoes and wandered aimlessly along the shore murmuring sweet nothings to each other. i asked him about his parents, his brother, and he asked about my family, what they were like, where they were now. he tells me of the  cigarettes he smokes on rooftops on late nights sometimes. he told me of  his paintings, the ones he stayed up well past midnight to finish. he, with cheeks stained rose-red, told me that he had even sketched several of me. afterwards we ended up in my apartment, his hands on my hips, my back against the bedroom door, our breaths coming in short gasps.

we lay there, well into the afternoon, a messy tangle of limbs, and, with his fleeting touch along my shoulder and my fingertips dancing along the stretch marks on his hips, he asked me to make things exclusive, to give us a chance at being real and tangible, at being a possibility of a future.

i, of course, said yes.

my days became filled with jupiter after that, with some of nova and some of mars and some of mr renning, too. the nova and mars had become friends and mars had even become a diner regular. i felt strangely anchored, with a golden boy holding my heart in his soft, warm palms, a circle of friends that although was small, it was still enough to make my heart ache, not because it was hurting, but because it had never been so full of love before.

the worry in me didn't extinguish completely. i knew better than to try to force jupiter to improve upon his eating habits, just because we're together. recovery was something that must be done at his own time. no one but him could walk the road to recovery. but i liked to think that he had me, that he'd become a part of my word and the he'd allow me to hold his hand along the way. he had me now. it didn't matter how long of road it would be. we had the all the time in the world.

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