Chapter 9

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Back to normal, no more first person for now!

Sherlock was in the apartment with John, pacing up and down. John was sat in one of the armchairs, trying to take all the information in.

" your sister is an escaped American criminal, and your brother is after her?" John asked, competley baffled.

"Yes John," Sherlock said, "Do try to keep up,"

"What...what do we do now?" John asked.

"We wait for Aylanara to contact us," Sherlock said, "And pray she is going to be alright,"

Aylanara was running down the busy streets, trying to blend in with the London crowd. It being so dense, she was mostly succecding, but she couldn't shake the feeling that someone was following her.

She ran into a coffee shop, not knowing or caring what brand it was, just needing to fit in with the crowd.

She ordered and payed and hastily sat down. She had her phone in one hand, and was debating whether or not to text Sherlock. She decided against it, for his own safety.

It was maybe ten minutes later when a man walked up to her table.

"This seat taken?" He asked.

"Nope," Aylanara said, "But neither are all the other tables,"

The man ignored her and sat down in the chair anyway.

"Whats your name?" he asked.

Aylanara muttered something like: "None of your business,"

"No need to be like that," the man said, "My name is Jim Moriarty,"

She finally looked him in the eye then.

"You..." she said.

"Yep," Moriarty said, "Me,"

Aylanara jumped off her chair and ran out of the coffee shop, back down the streets. Eventually, not knowning this part of London, she took a wrong turn, and ended up in a dead end.

And there he was.

"Hello again," Moriarty said, with an evil smile.

And thats all she remembered before it went black.

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