Chapter 8

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This chapter tells you just how Aylanara escapes :)

Aylanara's P.O.V -

I was pacing quietly up and down the room. Mycroft knew I was here. I must of left some kind of trail. I'm so stupid sometimes...

I need to get out. But how I don't know.

Let me think. I need to go to my mind palace.

The layout of the apartment meant that my only means of escape could be from this room. Mycroft elimantes the use of the front, and his guards the use of any other room.

So, I need to think. Scanning the room, the only thing of any help will be the window.

But how high of I drop?

I calculate it quickly. Maybe some serious injuries, but not death. I should count myself lucky.

I have seconds to get out and far enough away.

I left my mind palace and sprinted for the window. I opened it, and the breeze quickly filled the room, wafting the papers on his desk around.

I slipped out the window, leaving it open to make a point to Mycroft.

Then I ran. I ran as far away as possible. But someone always finds you....

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