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extended summary + playlist

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extended summary

When recently broke, unemployed, and homeless Vika is given the opportunity to stay rent-free at her best friend's fiance's home, with the only condition being to take care of some pedigree cat, things are finally starting to look up. Even if Cleo, the cat, is a pretty poor conversational partner. And always seems to be judging Vika from a five-meter distance. Constantly. To an unfair degree, honestly. Either way, she's finally starting to get a handle of things.

Enter Noel. Doting owner of Cleopatra, and reserving all the same feline judgement, who immediately tries to pay her out of their lives.

Noel is something that Vika's pretty sure she'll never be able to handle.


includes mature + sexual themes


1. jennifer lopez - love don't cost a thing

2. dua lipa - blow your mind

3. lix phair - why can't i?

4. the sound of settling - death cab for cutie

5. shakira - objection (tango)

6. pony - genuwine

7. tlc - no scrubs

8. ariana grande - bad decisions

9. aaliyah -  are you that somebody

10. cashmere cat - trust nobody

11. bruno mars - that's what i like

author's note

hey guys! i told myself i wouldn't post this until i have a decent amount of chapters written up- well, now i do. this story has just really sparked my inspiration lately (more than soulmate for sale honestly) and since i already have a good amount pre-written, i thought, MIGHT AS WELL POST IT. this story is supposed to be fun, cute, and not too serious, just a good ol' time, in case you were wondering.

this will be getting weekly updates


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