Chapter 7

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"Mycroft..." Sherlock said, "Can you respect my privacy, please?"

"I'm sorry brother," Mycroft said, "But there is an escaped criminal somewhere in this apartment. She has to be caught,"

"That 'escaped criminal' is our sister," Sherlock hissed.

"I'm under orders, Sherlock," Mycroft said. He motioned for the men to try all the rooms. They kicked them all open, scanning the room for any signs of Aylanara. Eventually, the only room left was Sherlock's.

"It will be easier on her if you just hand her to me," Mycroft warned, "Don't make me go thr hard way,"

"I'll hand her to you when hell freezes over," Sherlock said.

"Tut tut Sherlock," Mycroft said, "The hard way it shall be,"

The armed man kicked open Sherlock's door, and stormed in. They had their fingers over the triggers of there guns and scanned the room immediantly for Aylanara. But she wasn't there.

All that was left, was an open window, the curtains flapping in the breeze. Mycroft cursed and Sherlock smiled.

"You underestimated a Holmes," Sherlock said, "And when you do that, they always make you look stupid,"

Mycroft glared before storming out, the armed men following him.

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