Chapter 6

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"Tea?" Sherlock offered, fidgeting in his seat.

"No, thank you," Mycroft said, "You know thats not why I'm here,"

"Why are you here then?" Sherlock asked, playing it innocent.

"You know why, brother dearest. Where is our sister?" Mycroft said.

"Who?" Sherlock asked, "I wasn't aware we HAD a sister,"

"Sherlock..." Mycroft said, shaking his head, "Do not act stupid. You have high intelligence, you know we have a sister,"

"Ahh yes," Sherlock said, "I remember now. What about our sister?"

"I know she is here, Sherlock," Mycroft said, "Save yourself the trouble and hand her over,"

In Sherlock's room, Aylanara was panicking. Would Sherlock hand her over? She listened more closely.

"She is not here, Mycroft," Sherlock said, "She returned to America,"

"Where she is a wanted criminal? Not very likely. Do kindly refrain from insulting the Holmes intelligence," Mycroft snapped back, "Just hand her over,"

"She is in America, brother," Sherlock said, "I'm afraid I have had no contact with her,"

Mycroft rolled his eyes.

"I'm afraid you have left me no choice then," Mycroft said. He motioned for several armed people to run into the apartment.

"Was this neccesary?" Sherlock said, and then added a little louder, "Sending in armed guards?"

Aylanara understood his hint and cursed silently. She had to find a way out...Mycroft couldn't catch her....

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