Chapter 2

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Hour seven and still the baby hasn’t made an appearance. The pain has gotten worse if you can imagine that. Apparently this is a good sign. Vince and the triplets were a lot more accommodating after a slight dose of what labor really feels like.

Vince fed me some ice chips while I breathed heavily. Aubrey was wiping the sweat from my forehead.

I felt another contraction coming on. I groaned and prepped myself as the pain washed over me.

Flashback 9 months ago My Birthday

Its my birthday! JOY! Note my sarcasm. So far this day is like any other except Melissa and Julissa are making me was loads of clothes at an ungodly hour. Apparently they have nothing to wear and they need to look stunning lazing around the house or hunching some random guy. I just suffered through it. Thinking of the good times with my dad.

Every Sunday in the fall we would go to a football game, then out for bbq, then ice cream. I loved Sundays. As a result I had pretty much trained myself at an early age to get all work done early so that Sunday was free. After washing their clothes and cleaning the house I was called to the alpha house.

I thought maybe the Alpha would say something to me. He used to be my dad’s best friend and like an uncle to me. He just watched with a blank expression as I walked past him.

I went to find Dominic as he had sent for me.

He was in a game room with a lot of his cronies and, of course, my brother.

“Laurel,” he sneered at me. “Come here and feed me my chips. I sighed and went to do as I was told. It was easier that way. All the guys in the room laughed openly and made some rude comments. Whatever.

When I sat next to him I picked a chip out of the bowl and held it out to him. As he was taking a bite his eyes connected with mine. It was instantly as if I were frozen and spontaneously combusting at the same time. All I could think was, MATE! And then I felt a shift in myself and another awareness.

She seemed to stretch and look around. Then she focused on Dominic and howled. Positively howled with joy.

I didn’t agree with her actually but hey, we just met.

I noticed Dominic speaking and tuned back in. He had a look of disgust in his eyes as his lips moved. All of a sudden the sound switched back on. I held my cheek that was throbbing in pain. He slapped me.

“Did you hear me you fat, nasty, unwelcome BITCH! I said that you aren’t my mate! I refuse to accept this. I want nothing to do with you!”

He was growling at this point. For a second I stared at him, then, I blinked and snorted.

He looked at me sharply.

“Fine then.”

I always thought it would hurt, being rejected. I always knew I would be. Come on, chances are my mate would have been in my pack, chances are they had had a hand in putting me down. Why, then, would they suddenly grow a conscience and decide they wanted me? They had all made it clear, that in their eyes, I wasn’t worthy of the Kleenex they just blew their nose on. My wolf was whimpering in misery, but I would talk to her about this later. Make her see what was best for the both of us.

“Fine? What do you mean fine? I just rejected you!”

“I know and okay.” I held up another chip for him to eat.

He slapped the chip out of my hand.

“Who are you fucking Laurel?!”

I raised my eyebrow. Wow. Really? This guy is a real winner; anyone would be honored to have him as a mate.

“No one. What did you want me to do? Fall on the ground? Beg? Make a fool of myself for a guy who doesn’t want or need me? I think not. Look I agree with you. Fate messed up, because you and I as mates is just laughable.

He growled at me! Then snatched my hair in one hand and my chin in the other. I was all of a sudden on my back on the couch.

“You think my mate could just fuck someone else and I wouldn’t find out?! HUH!?”

I was confused. Totally discombobulated.

I felt his hand leave my hair and grab my breast. Then he yanked on it. Mauled it. It hurt.

He growled as he lowered his head and kissed me. It was very rough and forceful. At this point I was more than scared. What was he doing?!

I heard the guys in the room snickering. Including my brother.

Dominic snarled then ripped my shirt off. Breathing heavily he eyed my chest and his eyes moved down my body. I felt like I was covered in slime. Rancid slime. I didn’t like the way he was looking at me. I started to try to get away.

“Jason! Hold her down!”

For some reason I really thought that my brother would help me. That this would be crossing the line for him. How wrong I was.

My brother grabbed my arms and sneered at me. The tears finally came. I couldn’t believe that after everything else, this is what my pack was doing to me now. I wanted to scream, but the room was sound proof and I knew the morons around me wouldn’t do anything. Quite a few were actually looking at me lustfully with their hand in their pants. I turned away from them too. I looked at Dominic, my “mate” and wished I hadn’t. His eyes were possessive, coated in lust and disgust and loathing. He ripped my bra off.

I felt the air hit my breast as they jiggled from the force. Dominic groaned as he lowered his head and bit my nipple. Hard. I let out a sob and tried to block this as he moved on to the other breast while his hand pawed the one he had just finished with.

I felt him rip my pants off, then my panties. I felt him shift against me and felt his erection. This was going to hurt. He wasn’t small and I was a virgin.

He pulled his pants off in a hurry and forced my legs open. I kept my eyes closed as I felt him pressing against me. His hand went from my chin to my neck. He growled, choked me, and forced himself inside me.

I saw stars. Literally stars. That’s how much it hurt. My wolf was going crazy inside me. No matter how much she wanted her mate, she couldn’t deal with ANYONE harming me. I was more important than some mate. As he was an alpha male she knew we didn’t have a choice. Our strength was nothing to his. Plus we were surrounded by wolves. There wasn’t much she could do to help me. That killed her. Combined with the fact that it was my mate doing this and she was murderous.

Dominic started to move, and not gently. Pounding in and out of me while choking me. Not choking enough to kill me, but I was hard pressed to draw a breath.

He was moaning above me. Then he took my mouth again. This wasn’t a good thing as I already couldn’t breathe.

A heavy fog came over me. In the distance I could hear him roaring over me as he came.

Mercifully I blacked out.

FlashForward 9 months.

The doctors had given me something to help me sleep. We were now on hour ten. Good thing this was a were hospital, because I’m sure the amounts they had to give me were considered Illegal by human standards. I slept fitfully through my contractions. Thinking of my child’s father.

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