Chapter 4

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Ok..I lied...but this chapter he finds out!

As soon as Aylanara closed the door of Baker's Street, and John left for a walk, Sherlock lost it.

"How dare you not tell me about this?" Sherlock demanded.

"Tell you about what?" Aylanara said, playing it dumb.

"You know what I mean! Escaped criminal from America?!" Sherlock yelled.

"I can...I can explain," Aylanara said quietly.


"I used to work for them," Aylanara explained, "And then someone commited a crime and my co workers blamed me. They never liked me anyway,"

"Why would someome do that?" Sherlock asked, quietly now, "If you were innocent?"

"I don't know," Aylanara said with a shrug, "But now they want me. I'm facing the death penalty here, Sherlock,"

"The death penalty?!" Sherlock said, looking angry again, "What...what happened...that was bad enough?"

"I don't need to go into details," Aylanara said, "I just need to avoid the government. Let this blow over,"

"We could get Mycroft involved..." Sherlock said, "He could clear your name..."

"No! Absolutley not!" Aylanara said, jumping to her feet.

"He could help..." Sherlock said, "He has a high position..."

"And with that 'high position' comes the fact that he woukld have no choice but to hand me over," Aylanara said, her turn to get angry now, "He may be my brother...but he cares about his job more,"

"What...what do we do then?" Sherlock said, "Mycroft has cameras everywhere,"

"I don't know," Aylanara admitted, "But he can never find out I'm back. No one must know. It was a massive mistake going to Scotland Yard,"

"Then we need a plan," Sherlock said.

"I'm all ears," Aylanara said, "Go ahead..."

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