Breaking apart

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(Y/N)'s P.O.V.:

Beep beep...


Beep beep...

''I am up now'' I mumbled, shutting the alarm off. I got off my bed, took a quick shower and got ready for today.

Another day in my palace, with my parents.

After getting ready I went down the hallway to have breakfast with my parents. I am overjoyed because today my sister Daphne is here and finally I will get to see my brother-in-law, my sister and her daughter.

As soon as I entered the dining room, I saw my parents, Daphne, Thoren, and..... well no one else.

''Good morning everybody'' I said with a huge smile.

''Hey! Good morning (Y/N).'' Daphne replied hugging me.

''Good morning (Y/N)'' My parents and Thoren said.

I smiled and sat down next to my mother, Queen Marion.

As soon as I sat down, something hugged my legs. I looked down to see the sight I was longing for.

Daisy was looking at me with an adorning look. "Awwww" I awwed with adoration, picking her up, I placed her on my lap.

Daisy was just like her mother but she got her father's eyes. "So let's eat breakfast kid, shall we? " I asked her and she nodded happily.

"Well, then, will you give me the permission to feed you, little one?" I asked and she smiled big and nodded. I returned the smile and started eating and feeding her. Daphne and my parents watched me, smiling at each other.

Little Daisy is just five years old.

And after my fairy animal died, give himself up for good, I had started a special training. The training consisted the modern technology of Zenith, dark magic of Cloud Tower, fighting techniques from Red Fountain and other planets of the magical dimension including my own and learning and practicing different weapons from Earth, learning all of the spells, using my friends' spells and even more.

After the period of four years or so, I finally managed to overcome all the obstacles between me and becoming a great protector and fairy. The traning was rough, but i was determined, Elas and I were really close, and him giving himself up made me realise that despite everything, I'm still too weak that I couldn't even protect my world without having someone sacrifice themselves and it killed me, that was the main reason for me taking on this training.

When I finished eating and feeding along with some talks and gossips with my family about the other worlds, or status of our army, and wizards, I went to my room and sat down on my king sized bed. The fairy school here in Sparx needs plenty of activities, management and improvements but I'm still preparing the list.

As i worked, I began feelibg strange so I laid down on my bed and in a second I was fast asleep .

-Timeskip brought to you by Daisy asking for your sceptre-

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