~Not A Chapter~

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So I was tagged by mmiissttiicc and the rules are you have to tell 5 facts about yourself and then tag 15 people.

1. I live in Indiana in the USA.

2. I am 13 years old and I'm in 7th grade.

3. I play volleyball, softball, archery, and I do 4-H.

4. I am extremely tall for my age.

5. I used to hate reading but since I found wattpad I've become a total bookworm.

So I tag:
2. courtiegirl
3. Detective501
4. Deathshade200312
5. Kiritogaming2244
6. DanTDMfangirl3
7. joeygraceffa16lover
8. TheKaurence_Shipper
9. ZznizariszZ
10. swagalicous27
11. TheEnderWolf14
12. Deadlyrose21
13. _SB_Sister_
14. Mewli1
15. TheWhiterFire334

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