Chapter 3

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Sherlock's going to learn the truth about his will he react?

It was later that day, yet again, and Alyanara was settled in at Baker's Street. She had nothin with her, just the clothes on her back, so it was easy for her to move in.

Sherlock was shooting the wall, again, and yelling: "BORED!" at the top of his lungs. According to John, there hadn't been a case in days, and it was taking its toll on Sherlock.

Alyanara was trying to read a book, ignoring her phone that kept buzzing with texts.

"Are you going to check that?" John asked, as he was reading a newspaper and was annoyed with the noise the phone kept making.

"No," Aylanara said, turning her phone onto mute, but not before nervously checking her texts.

"Is everything ok?" John asked.

Aylanara nodded, not wanting to speak.

"WE HAVE A CASE!" Sherlock yelled, "Alyanara! John!"

Alynara perked up at this, grabbing her coat and flinging it on. John got up too, and all three ran out of Baker's Street. Sherlock hailed a taxi.

"Scotland Yard," he said to the taxi driver, who nodded and started up the engine.

It was clear that Sherlock was in his mind palace, so most of the car ride was spent in silence.

Once they arrived, John paid the driver and they all walked through the front entrance to Lestrade's office.

"Morning," Lestrade said when he saw Sherlock. Then he saw Alyanara.

Sherlock could sense he was about to ask, and so quickly explained:

"My sister, Alynara Holmes, recently back from America,"

"Oh god," Lestrade said, "Another one?"

"I'm worse than Sherlock," Alyanara said, "So good luck,"

Lestrade sighed and picked up his coffee, before beginning to explain the case put before them.

"There's being an escaped Amercian criminal," Lestrade said, "Apparently she fled here, and it's very important that we find her,"

Aylanara cursed under her breath.

"What was that, Ayla?" John asked.

She plastered a fake smile on her face.

"Just thinking about leads," she said cheerfuly.

Lestrade and John shrugged, buying her act. But Sherlock didn't, and she could see his thinking face turn on.

Aylanara didn't hear the rest of what Lestrade said, and neither did Sherlock. Lestrade picked up on this, and let out an exasperated sigh.

"Did you to listen to ANY of that?" he asked.

"Any of what?" Sherlock said, "I was thinking,"

"The case I just explained to you? You know what? Forget it," Lestrade said and stormed out

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