Chapter 2

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It was later that day, and Alyanara and Sherlock were alone in Baker's Street. She was making tea, trying to avoid Sherlock's 'experiments' in the kitchen. Sherlock was practising his violin, having no case to go too.

John had been out with his girlfriend, and had popped in for some shopping on the way back. He was struggling with the bags, trying to open the door. When he did, he yelled to Sherlock.

"I'm back," he yelled, "Gonna put the shopping in the kitchen,"

Carrying the bags, he pushed open the kitchen door, and his jaw dropped when he saw Alyanara.

"Who...who are you?" John asked.

"Alyanara Holmes," she said with a smile, "Sherlock's sister,"

"He...he has a sister?!" John asked, confused.

"Yeah," Alyanara said, "He doesn't know me very well. I moved when he was five,"

"Oh...right...ok," John said, sitting down, "Can you...are you like Sherlock?"

"Do you mean, can I deduce?" Alyanara asked, smiling at how confused John was.

John nodded, not trusting himself to speak.

"Of course I can deduce," Alyanara said, "I'm a Holmes. We pride ourselves on it,"

" you solve cases?" John asked.

"No," was Alyanara's reponse, "I worked for the American governemt,"

"Right..." John said, still processing the information.

Sherlock chose that moment to walk in.

"John," he said, "I see you've met my sister,"

"Yeah," John said, "She's a lot like you,"

Alyanara laughed a little.

"I'm not sure that's a compliment," she said.

"Of course it is," Sherlock said, turning slightly red, "I'm London's only consulting dectective,"

"You may be," Alyanara said, "But I was always smarter. It took you a full day to learn Spanish, only took me two hours,"

"You two are crazy," John said, shaking his head.

"No..." Sherlock and Alyanara said together, "Everyone else is just stupid,"

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