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Child Abuse isn't funny when you're on the other side of the fist...

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            Maggie’s steps sounded like an alarm crashing up the stairs oh no Maggie is on rampage again thought 8 year old Finnegan Belmont. “Finn get you ass over here now!” Maggie’s voice sounded like a bird screeching in Finn's ear, her ocean blue eyes seemed like they’d slipped in to a pool of boiling blood, her usually neat brown-hair fell in her face and looked like a rat's nest, and her clothes they look like she’d been attacked by a herd of buffalo. Finn stayed put, as Maggie rush over to him "I said, COME HERE!" She screamed in his ear holding him by the collar so tight Hercules wouldn't be able make to let her go. "You little brat you've been stealing food again!" She smacked Finn across the face so hard he when numb in his cheek. Finn knew better not to fight back or else he'd be beat even harder, "YOU STEAL FOOD AGAIN AND I'LL..." she grabbed her pocket knife "STAB YOU! Got it?!?!" Finn just nodded as Maggie dropped him. Now how am I going to get food? Finn thought to himself. Finn stood up and rushed out of the house and to the dock. Finn pulled out a small leather sketch book and started to draw a small yellow glob attacking a small child...

Kay guys more to come! *Snily101*

BTW the photo is Finn >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Child Abuse isn't funny when you're on the other side of the fist...Read this story for FREE!