Chapter Twenty-Four

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Three months later

Happily Em-er After

SPOTTED: Emily Watts at the Microsoft Theater in downtown L.A. last night, for a rare appearance at the star-studded Reach Out 'N' Rescue charity event. Sources in attendance say she looked as radiant as ever, and rumor has it that there's a new man in her life.

It's been several months since Emily's then-rocky personal life was a well-documented fixture of the Hollywood scene, when she was involved in what was thought to be a love triangle between her, Blistering Twilight singer Cory Sampson, and Jesse Cinder, guitarist for what we hear is the now-defunct indie band Ashes of Brooklyn. Both C-Samp and Flameboy were notably absent from last night's fundraiser, which was held to raise money for several animal rescue non-profit organizations.

C-Samp, we're told, was resting at home, where he's recuperating from a broken ankle. As we reported last week, he suffered the injury after tripping over ex-girlfriend Cady Sugarman during a pick-up basketball game between his band and crew and hers. The ill-fated game followed a music festival both had performed at. To update all you Blistering Twilight fans, the band's postponed North American tour dates have not yet been rescheduled.

Hanging out with your exes is only going to get you in trouble, C-Samp. We'd hoped your experience with the Em-Girl had taught you a lesson about that, but you might have time to ponder it while laid up at home.

Jesse Cinder, we imagine, didn't make the relevance scale for this event, and he seemed to have had a scheduling conflict anyway. We're told the function overlapped with his shift serving food at Hollywood dive bar Big Wangs. Maybe he's working there to scout out the karaoke talent—after all, with Ashes of Brooklyn singer Cole Brooklyn and drummer Gavin Hunter having returned to New York City, it looks like Cinder may need to form a new band.

So who's Emily's new beau? She's keeping mum so far, but we're pretty sure we'll get it out of her soon. If you missed the official announcement earlier this week, Ms. Emily is joining forces with us here at Wally Hood Goes Hollywood for a new weekly feature we like to call, "Celeb Wore Wha-a-a-t?"

And loyal Zeeked fans, have no fear: your favorite fashion-snark destination will remain very much intact. The Em-Girl is simply loaning us her wit and sarcasm in addition to the daily snarkalicious posts she makes to her own site. The regular column she writes for Sweltry has also made its return, following a short hiatus.

Emily closed her browser app and set her phone down on the coffee table in front of her. The table, her sofa, and Shelby's big-screen TV were the only things that had been unearthed from the mountain of moving boxes and plastic-wrapped furniture that surrounded her in the living room. While the movers had finished unloading their belongings late this morning, she'd been too busy fielding calls from advertisers and editors to start unpacking.

She stood up from where she'd been sitting on the sofa and cautiously stepped around a few boxes to make her way to the floor-to-ceiling window that was almost an entire wall of their new living room. Outside, she could see the L.A. city skyline, a breathtaking view she'd already stared at for hours this morning while on the phone.

"Hey roomie!" Shelby called out.

Emily looked over to see her best friend bounce into the room. She grinned. "Can you believe we live here?" she asked.

"I know. Amazing, right? It's twice the amount of space either of us had."

After the Tinseltown Buzz video of her conversation with Jesse outside of the Hotel Café had hit the Internet, the change in Emily's life had come nearly overnight. Wally Hood had played a large role in making that happen. When she'd met him for the first time at Toast three months ago, she'd been surprised to find they had a lot in common. Wally Hood Goes Hollywood was to him what Zeeked was to her. And like her, he depended upon his popularity with readers and the income he generated from advertisers to keep his dream alive.

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