Chapter Twenty-Three

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Emily headed straight for her shower once she was safely inside of her apartment. She let the pressure of the water streaming down from the showerhead wash away the kiss she'd shared with Cory and the conversation she'd had with Jesse. The muscles in her shoulders began to loosen for the first time in weeks while she stood there, leaning against the tiles. She didn't want to leave the steam-filled room.

When her fingers had wrinkled so much she couldn't stand it, she stepped out of the shower. She slipped on her most cozy, loose-fitting cotton pajama pants and a tank top, and then wrapped her wet hair in a towel.

She left the bathroom and made her way to her bedroom, where she sat down on her bed and picked up her laptop. It only took a few seconds to find out that her night had been a success. Wally Hood Goes Hollywood had not one, but two articles recounting the events of her night.

One headline asked: C-Samp and the Em-Girl Back Together?

A photo below the headline showed the two of them in front of the stage at the Hotel Café. Cory's arms were wrapped around her. Every other person in the photograph had their head turned to watch them embrace, some with their hands captured in motion as they clapped. She tried to zoom in on her own face in the photograph, but the quality of the photo, its size, and the angle it had been taken from made her expression impossible to see.

Her eyes moved down the page to the article below the photo.

Word on Cahuenga Boulevard tonight is that Cory Sampson and Emily Watts just had a very public rekindling of their relationship, and it happened near the beginning of C-Samp's solo acoustic show at the Hotel Café.

The room was already buzzing when the Em-Girl showed up at his gig, dressed to kill, and stood as close as she could to the stage. Our source reports that he dedicated Blistering Twilight's smash hit "Vibrational" to her, and that he stared at her for the entire last verse of the song. As he strummed the final strains of the tune on his guitar, he asked her if she would make him the happiest and luckiest guy living by giving him another chance. (We swoon.)

We hear that Emily, looking teary-eyed and speechless, could only nod. The two shared the touching, romantic moment caught on camera by one of our readers, along with a nice, long smooch. The scene that unfolded in front of Cory's audience was met with cheers, whistles, and applause.

We also hear that Jesse Cinder was in attendance at the show and confronted Emily outside of the venue when she tried to leave. An onlooker reports that after saying her piece, the Em-Girl walked away. Smart move, Emily. I guess Cory asking you for a second chance right in front of him, and the mini-makeout that followed right after, still wasn't obvious enough for Flameboy to get a clue. Here's a hint for you, Jesse: she's taken. And last we checked, you were putting the moves on Darcy Cross. One girl at a time, slugger. Otherwise, this shiz gets messy.

How do all you Hood-lums feel about Wally Hood's favorite couple being back together????

The article that had been posted next, and which was currently the top story on the page, was a lot shorter.

Was Emily Watts Ever Seeing Jesse Cinder?

It could be the love triangle that wasn't. Just when we thought we had the real scoop of the night about Emily Watts, Cory Sampson, and Jesse Cinder, it turns out there's more. A LOT more.

Check out this video of the conversation that happened between the Em-Girl and Flameboy outside of the Hotel Café tonight, which was just posted by the folks over at Tinseltown Buzz.

Does this mean that Emily was never dating Jesse at all and that she didn't cheat on C-Samp or dump him for Flameboy? Innnnnnnnnnnteresting.

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