Chapter Twelve

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Emily gave a forlorn look to the five sentences she'd so far managed to eke out for the Zeeked article she planned to run on Thursday. The three cups of coffee she'd had since waking up had only made her jittery and had done absolutely nothing to help her cloudy mind and tired eyes. She hoped the fourth cup she had just poured would work a little more magic.

So much for getting ahead. She thought about the hours she had spent catching up on work over the weekend. If she wasn't careful, she would be scrambling for the rest of the week.

Her phone's text alert provided a welcome escape from the article she was barely writing. Good timing, she thought, picking up her phone from the desk.

The text had come from Shelby. I just saw the Wally Hood article about Cory and Cady. Are you okay? Text or call me if you need to talk. I can go for lunch if you're free.

She put the phone back down on the desk without answering. After being woken up by Cory's text message last night, Emily had struggled to fall back asleep. While she'd briefly been annoyed that he hadn't called her back, she had quickly realized that he might have had a long day after what had probably been a late night out in Orange County, and it was possible that he'd simply wanted to get home and go straight to bed. What had kept her awake, though, were the thoughts of all she had to get done this week for work.

Ding. She looked up from her phone and reached for her laptop's touchpad upon hearing her new email alert. When her inbox opened, she saw a message from Marjorie. Article pitch, the subject line read. She clicked to open it.

The message was brief: Can you call Jenna today? She had an idea for your next column during a meeting we had yesterday afternoon, and I think she might be onto something. Thanks —M.

Emily checked the time. Since one of the editors she'd planned to speak with today had canceled, she still had about forty-five minutes until her next call. She picked up her phone to call Jenna.

"Hi, this is Jenna Greggory," a female voice sang from the other end of the line.

Emily shook her head, smiling. Jenna always sounded cheerful. "Hi Jenna. It's Emily Watts."

"My favorite celebrity!" Jenna exclaimed.

"I don't think I'd quite call me that," Emily protested.

"Your official celebrity page on Facebook says otherwise. If you haven't seen it, you should go check it out. Some of the people posting on it are a riot."

"My what on where?"

"Facebook," Jenna said, drawing out each syllable. "Social media? Maybe you've heard of it?"

This I have to see, Emily thought. She opened Facebook on her computer and was met by the login screen. "No, let's go back to what you just said. I have a celebrity page on Facebook?"

"Why are you surprised?" Jenna asked. "I'm sure someone has made a celebrity page for lasagna by now."

"Yeah, well that I would understand," she said, typing her username and password. "Lasagna's delicious. I've been going on dates with a rock star. I'm not sure how that qualifies me to have fans."

Jenna chuckled. "The media follows everything you two do if you haven't noticed. So there are at least a couple million people who have started to follow your life."

"That's comforting." Emily took a sip from her mug and leaned back in her chair while waiting for her Facebook news feed to load.

"When designers start asking you to wear their clothes, I don't think you'll be complaining about your sudden popularity."

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