Chapter Ten

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C-Samp and the Em-Girl Get Lucky

It looks like Blistering Twilight's Cory Sampson and his latest squeeze, fashionista writer Emily Watts, have started meeting each other's friends. We like this development.

The pair was spotted out in Hollywood yesterday evening for a bowling night at Lucky Strike. Onlookers say that while they were there with a group of friends, they had eyes for only each other, cuddling between frames. We hear Cory even wrapped his arms around Emily and refused to let go while she attempted to bowl. From the smile on her face in this picture, we don't think she minded.

This is looking more and more like the real deal. We're happy for those kids!

Emily hummed to herself while she saved the photo of her and Cory to her laptop. It was strange, but she was happy someone who'd been at Lucky Strike last night had captured a photo of the two of them since she and her friends had forgotten to take pictures.

The fun they'd had aside, the best part of last night had been watching Cory win over Shelby, making her laugh and putting her at ease, and refusing to let her pay for any of her drinks. She knew she had the blessing of her best friend when, after leaving Lucky Strike, Shelby had texted her with the words "two thumbs up."

Emily shut her laptop and got up from her bed. She'd just reached the door of her bedroom when she heard a text alert from her phone. After walking back into her bedroom and over to the bedside table where her phone was, she looked at the screen.

It was a text from Cory. Hey love, I miss you. What are you doing later today?

She smiled and looked at the time on her phone. It was just after eleven, less than ten hours since they'd said goodnight. He must have just woken up. It was sweet that he was thinking of her already.

I'm free after 4, and I miss you too. xo. She sent the message.

Another text popped up a moment later. Come hang with me!

She grinned at his invitation. Done, she typed.

She put her phone down on the table. She could see her reflection in the mirror, and it showed her that she was grinning from ear to ear. She'd caught herself doing that a few times over the last couple of weeks. Whatever this feeling was that took her mind off work and made her feel like life was amazing was a welcome improvement in her world.

Later that afternoon, she drove up the windy roads of the Hollywood Hills, watching the street signs. Driving past the gates and mailboxes of houses set far back from the road, she watched for the address Cory had given her and slowed down when she saw it. She pulled into a driveway and stopped in front of a gate.

I'm here at the gate, she texted Cory. A few seconds later, the gate opened.

In front of her was a large two-story house that had an exterior of cheerful yellow stucco and a Spanish-tiled roof. Unsure of where she was supposed to park her car, she stopped it in the middle of the driveway and turned off the ignition, then checked her appearance in the rearview mirror. Her hair looked decent, she thought, but she used her fingers to fluff it up at the roots anyway. Her makeup was in place, requiring only a quick touch-up with her lip gloss. When she was finished, she grabbed her keys and stepped out of her car.

Emily walked up to the front porch and pressed the doorbell. The door swung open a moment later and there was Cory, casually rumpled in dark jeans and a T-shirt, with a hint of stubble on his chin. His hair looked freshly washed and brushed. Less than a second later she was inhaling the minty scent of his shampoo as he wrapped his arms around her.

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