Chapter Eight

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C-Samp Commits to a Second Date

Out twice in one weekend with the same girl? Well done, C-Samp. We're pretty sure that hasn't happened since you were seeing Cady Sugarman.

Blistering Twilight singer Cory Sampson was spotted out on Robertson Boulevard with his new squeeze, Zeeked writer Emily Watts. The two shared an intimate lunch at the Ivy on Saturday afternoon, where onlookers say they held hands at the table and smooched it up over grilled vegetable salad and mimosas.

Someone needs to remind these two that the dining room of the Ivy is not the Sunset Strip. We're all in favor of sharing the love, but try to keep your hands to yourselves—at least until you hit the sidewalk. There are people eating in there.

We have to admit, Cory, the public tonsil hockey aside, this one looks classy. Well done.

That's the official opinion of Wally Hood, anyway. What do all you Hood-lums think about the Em-Girl??

After Emily had gotten over the shock of having her first date with Cory splashed across the pages of Wally Hood Goes Hollywood and a few other celebrity gossip sites over the weekend, she had thought seeing her name in the headlines would be a little less surreal. She'd been wrong.

On Monday morning, she sat at her desk in her apartment, spooning oatmeal into her mouth. While she waited for her emails to download, she checked Wally Hood's blog. She was mainly curious to see what else had made entertainment news headlines over the weekend, now that the article about her and Cory was probably buried deep within the site. By Hollywood standards, she was certain that Saturday morning's news might as well have been last month's scoop by now.

When the site loaded, she sucked in her breath, almost choking on her oatmeal in the process. Saturday's news might have been on page three or four, but it looked like her most recent date had just caught up with her.

Above the article, a photo showed her and Cory, hand-in-hand. The photographer had captured what she remembered as one of the sweetest moments of their afternoon together, when he'd leaned over to kiss the top of her head as they walked down Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills.

Their entire date had been pretty blissful, she recalled with a smile, beginning from the moment he'd picked her up outside of her apartment building. He had greeted her with a warm hug and a kiss, and once they'd gotten to the Ivy, he'd taken her hand in his and didn't let go of it during lunch. The way he had looked at her, seeming to hang on to every word she said, had made her feel as buoyant as she'd been on Friday night at the Standard.

Last night as she had lain in bed, drifting off to sleep, she'd heard her phone vibrate on her bedside table. With one eye shut and the other half-open, she'd reached over to pick it up. On its screen she had found a text message from Cory. Good night, little love. Sweet dreams. Reading the text message he'd sent, then smiling as a content feeling washed over her, were the last things she remembered before waking up yesterday morning.

When she had turned on her phone, she'd been pleasantly surprised to not experience a repeat of the morning before. There were no texts from curious friends, and no missed calls or voicemails. She'd even gone to Wally Hood's blog just to make sure she wouldn't be caught off-guard and had seen no mention of her afternoon with Cory.

Apparently, though, there'd been a one-day delay between being sighted and it making the entertainment news. If her friends' reactions to the first article that had been posted on Wally Hood Goes Hollywood had been any indication, it wouldn't be long before they started texting and calling.

Emily closed her browser and opened the column she was working on. Move over, little black dress, she typed, forcing herself to focus on the words in front of her. A new fashion staple has come to town.

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