"Oh boy." She gripped the counter. Beside her, the coffee maker sputtered. She was wide-awake now, her heart racing.

Someone who'd spotted Cory on his date with her last night had taken pictures. She hadn't even considered this could happen when they'd been out. It explained the barrage of text and voicemail messages at least, though she was surprised so many people had recognized her from this photo. In it, her eyes were closed and her lips were pressed against Cory's, while one of his arms obscured the part of her face where his hand tangled in her hair. She brought her finger back to the screen and scrolled past the photo to the article.

Are you going keep this one, C-Samp, or is she already yesterday's news? Cory Sampson was spotted on Sunset last night, making out with a new mystery blond. Sources reveal that the two were hot and heavy all night, starting on the patio at the Rainbow Bar & Grill and continuing during a concert just down the street at the Whisky a Go Go. Several witnesses report that the two couldn't keep their hands and lips off of each other. We hear they made a stop by the Standard—perhaps these two should have gotten a room!

Is C-Samp finally over Cady?????????? Do all you Hood-lums think the new girl will last????

Update: Courtesy of a devoted Wally Hood Goes Hollywood reader, we've learned the new blond is Emily Watts, a writer for Sweltry and the brains and words behind Zeeked, one of our favorite snark-a-licious fashion sites. This means she's probably not a singer, reality show dropout, model, or Z-list actress. Cory's branching out! We LIKES!!!!!

Emily was speechless. At this very moment, not only her picture, but her name and occupation were being seen by millions of people around the world. While most of the dating articles she'd read over the years had given tips about how to dress and what to say on a first date, none had ever mentioned how to handle having the details of your date becoming headline news.

Maybe you just go about your day and pretend everything is normal, she thought, reaching for the cupboard above the coffee maker. She stopped when she heard the text alert on her phone. A quick glance at the screen showed her a message from her hair stylist. Gorgeous hair on your date! Can I use the Wally Hood photo in my hair book?

Or maybe you talk to your best friend to see if she has any advice, she thought. She started to dial Shelby's number but stopped when her phone rang. It was Shelby.

Emily tapped the screen. "You must have ESP," she said, bringing the phone to her ear. "I was just about to call you."

"Cory Sampson? Seriously?" There was no mistaking Shelby's critical tone.

Emily paused, deciding how to answer her. She knew Shelby had just gotten back from Cleveland and was likely tired from traveling, and probably also from the accounting work she'd been doing there with a client, but that didn't explain why she sounded so disapproving.

"I'll guess you didn't text me this morning to talk about the latest reality star throwdowns," Emily finally said, sidestepping the question.

"You guess right, chica," Shelby answered. "Making out on Sunset with Cory Sampson? Hun."

"What's the 'hun' all about? Making out with someone in public?" She reached for the cupboard above the coffee maker again and pulled out an oversized mug.

Shelby snorted. "We both know I'm the last person to scold anyone about public displays of affection. This is about that someone being Cory Sampson."

"I take it you know who he is, then. I mean, aside from what Wally Hood wrote." She set the mug down on the counter and filled it with coffee.

"Sweetie, most of North America, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Europe know who he is. Probably South America, too. Where did you meet him, and how did this happen?"

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