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Mia's P.O.V

Silence. Pure silence. I couldn't bring myself to say anything, as I stood there staring at the people who abandoned me when I was only 10 months old. Not even a year old.

I couldn't bare to stand being in the same room with them. All the letters I've written to them, since I knew how to write. Not one letter was responded to. One.

"We're gonna..."Carson started, then trailed off

I look at her. She nods and proceeds to the stairs, KJ and Alex right behind her. I look back at the people in the living room.

It took me under a second to scan the two boys and the girl. The boys looked to be about 17 and the girl, had to be 9.

Must be the other kids. Nice 🙄.

I got the opportunity to actually look my parents in the face. Let me tell you, my father was not the best looking dude I've ever seen. It was quite obvious I got the looks from my mother.

After another 5 minutes of pure silence, my mother finally decided to speak up.

"Sweetie-"I cut her off

"Don't call me that"I snap

She quickly got quiet, but was taken aback by my response. I just glared at them, them not being able to see my face by the brim of my hat.

"Why?"I say

"Why what?"she said

"You know what"I say

"No, I don't"she said

"Please don't play dumb"I say

She looked down, ashamed.

"Well, at least she's talking"Steph mumbled

I take a deep shaky breath, my throat becoming clogged with a lump. My eyes began to water.

"Why did you not respond to my letters?"I say

"W-we never r-"I cut her off again

"Yes you did! Stop lying to me!"I yell

"Mia, we're sorry"my father chimed in

"No you're not, because if you were, you wouldn't have left me on the door step of an orphanage! Then to go, and have another kid?! And guess what? She gets to live with you!"I say

"Mia-"I cut him off

"Don't ever say my name again"I say

"What are we supposed to call you?"my mother said

"I don't know. How about Marcella? The name I was supposed to have, until he changed it!"I say, pointing at my father

Ugh, I hate giving him that title.

"It wouldn't have sounded right"he said

"I don't give a rats ass at this point. Just like you didn't, right Mark?"I say

Everyone gasped. Why? Because I cursed, and I called him by his first name.

"How dare you speak to us like that young lady?"my mom said

"You don't deserve that mom and dad title, Stacey"I say

She gasped again. I glared at them. I took off my hat and put my baseball bag on the floor.

"Mia?"a small voice said

I looked to see the little girl.

"Hi, I'm Kaitlyn. I'm 9 years old. I'm supposed to be your sister"she said

"And we're supposed to be your brothers. I'm Matthew and he's Jason. We're 18"the two boys cut in

"Well it was nice knowing you guys for the time being. But I think you guys should leave"I say, without a single regret

Stacey whimpered and made her way to the door, quickly. She walked out the door. The rest of the family, following behind shortly. Steph ran after them while Kaitlyn stopped in front of me. I looked down at her small figure.

"It was nice meeting you Mia"she said

I nodded. She surprised me when she hugged me. I look over at Ryan, who's standing there with his arms crossed. I awkwardly hug her back.

"I've always wanted a sister. I'm tired of brothers"she said

I slightly grin.

"You'll get used to it. They're there to protect you though"I say

She nods against my stomach. That's how short she was.

"I'll see you around Kaitlyn"I say

"Okay"she said, smiling

She smiled at Ryan before running out of the house. I sat at the island and sighed. Ryan walked over to me, shaking his head.

Soon, Steph walked back into the house, closing the door behind him.

"What the hell Mia?"he said

"What?"I say

"Did you have to be rude?"he said

"Listen, have you ever been abandoned by your parents? Then 13 years later, they wanna come waltzing back into your life like everything is okay? You don't understand how it feels Steph"I say

"I know, I don't understand. But could you at least show some respect for those who created you? Because if it wasn't for them, you wouldn't be alive. Breathing the air you are now"he said

"Don't make me feel like I did something wrong. I was just stating true feelings. Isn't that what you said I should do? Show my true feelings? Huh? You said if I do that more often, people would like me, correct?"I say

He glared at me.

"I have tried, so hard. Growing up with no parents. Living with people, who don't even care about me (the orphanage). And you're gonna come at me for being rude? If this is what the truth does to people, then I'm done telling the truth. Because apparently, some people just can't seem to handle it"I say

I grabbed my hat and my bag, beginning to make my way up the stairs.

"Mia wait"both Steph and Ryan exclaim

"Leave me alone"I say, sniffling

I walk into my room. I slam the door, gaining the attention of my friends.

"Mia, are you okay?"Carson asked

"Yeah I'm fine"I lie

"No you're not"she said

I shook it off, sighing. That eventually led to me breaking down into full blown tears. Right there. In front of my friends. Against the door.

Alex picked me up off the floor, making me sit on the bed. I fell against the pillows and just cried.

I try way too hard. Only to come out unsuccessful.

About 30 minutes later, I was done crying. My friends had left a while ago. My face remained buried in the pillows.

Eventually, I would regret everything I said to them. Well, some things at least. But eventually, I would regret it. How could you blame me though? This is years worth of anger, stored up inside of me. I'm pretty sure lots of people would respond the same way.

If I came off rude, I will apologize. But until then, they got what they deserved.

A very livid Mia.

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