Had it Coming

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Underneath their desks, in ninth period history, Cora and Eva were texting

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Underneath their desks, in ninth period history, Cora and Eva were texting.

Eva texted: Why didn't you call to tell me how it went?

Cora texted: I'm sorry. I guess I forgot to.

Eva texted: Not cool, Cor!

Their teacher, Ms. Sinclair, eyed Cora as she stalked up and down the rows. "Don't forget that this project will count towards thirty percent of your grade, Ms. Emerson."

"Yes, Ms. Sinclair," Cora said. She slipped her phone into her pocket. Once her teacher had passed, she scooted her chair closer to her desk and said to Eva, "The movie was crap but he was sweet."

Eva shifted in her seat and whispered, "What movie did you see?"

"Sinful," said Cora. She settled into her seat as Ms. Sinclair passed again, but when she was at the front of the room, Cora leaned forward and said, "We went to the bookstore after."

"How studious," said Eva, readjusting her glasses.

"He told me he has a brother," said Cora, smiling. "He's ten and likes video games and books about Greek gods."

"Did you tell him about Willow?"

Cora was about to say that he'd already sort of met Willow but changed her mind. Eva had never met her sister, but she'd been told lots of stories about her. "Yeah," Cora said. "I told him that she's twelve and thinks she knows it all."

Eva snorted. A girl sitting across from them, Nola Roland, rolled her eyes. For a while, Cora started at the handout that they'd been given. It listed questions they could answer for their project.

"You can work in pairs, but you don't have to," Ms. Sinclair was saying.

Eva spun around to Cora and said, "We're working together on this."

"Ms. Morris," Ms. Sinclair said. "You can choose your pairs after class. She said this to Eva although most of the students had done the same.

Eva turned so she was facing forward again. "Sorry, Ms. Sinclair," she said.

Ms. Sinclair hopped off her desk where she'd been sitting and went to the blackboard. She began to scribble onto it. Cora poked Eva's back with her pen. "He thinks I'm shy," she said.

"You can be," Eva said.

"Not all-" Nola Roland shot her a dirty look. Cora clicked her pen and pretended to write what Ms. Sinclair had written on the blackboard. When neither Nola nor Ms. Sinclair was watching, she scribbled down a note in the corner of her notebook, tore it out, and passed it to Eva.

Eva snorted again. The note read: It's only because he hasn't seen my epic karaoke skills. "You and karaoke? Yeah right," said Eva.

"Our next date," Cora said.

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