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Hayley's POV

I sighed staring at the mirror at my stomach; I was getting bigger & bigger each day. I walked out my room holding my side purse as Doug followed me downstairs.

"do you have to follow me everywhere I go?", I asked.
"Just doing my job", he told me.
As I grabbed the car keys off the counter; and I walked to the front door about to reach for the door handle when Doug stood in front of me.

"Where do you think your going?", he asked.
"None of your damn business; now out of my way", I told him.

"Your not allowed out of the house; specially when klaus nor Elijah or Rebekah isn't here", he said.
"Ask me if i should give a damn?", I asked smirking reaching for the door handle again.

As he pulled me away; "I'm walking out of this house; with or without your neck snapped. Now, I'd advise you to get out of my way before I get angry", I said.

As he wouldn't move; I reach forward snapping his neck watching his body fall to the ground, I opened the door & walked out the house going to the car.

As I got in; I put on my seat belt and drove into town.
Klaus & Elijah were somewhere handling business with the witches. Rebekah was probably chasing guys who will never be enough for Klaus approval.

I need to find out who the man is & why exactly as he been following me; and saving me. Im going to the only person I should trust; Klaus would kill me if he knew it was over here.

After arriving to Sophia's house; I knocked on her door hard.
"Knock, Knock, Knock"

As the door suddenly opened; "Hayley?", she asked.
I invited myself in; as I turned around she closed the door; "w-what are you doing here?", she asked me.
"I need your help", I explained to her.
"And why should I help you. You killed Sabine & seven other witches", she told me.

"I what? I never touched Sabine. She tried to kill me; the next thing I knew I woke up with a major headache; Sabines dead", I explained.

"I got some information & I was told that this man killed Sabine; and he saved me. Ever since the night at the cabin; I always felt someone watching me; like a guardian angel or something. I know it sounds crazy; but I need your help to find him", I said.

"what's in it for me?", she asked.
"I heard you lost your girlfriend. I know a way for her to come back. If you help me find this man; I promise you; I'll help you see her again", I said.

"How do I know your not lying?", she asked.
"You don't. That's why you have to trust me", I said.
"Trust you? A Mikealson? I do--- I cut her off; "don't you dare; compare there last night to me. I am not Klaus & you know it", I told her.

"Fine", I said walking over to a table with a map of New Orleans.
"Give me your hand", she said as I slowly handed her my hand as she used a knife slicing my hand as blood dripped on the map.

It slowly made its way to the downtown bar; "the man your looking for will be here", she told me.

As I grabbed a piece of paper & pen; writing down a state; address; name; and number.
"She'll help you; tell her Hayley sent you", I told her.
"Good luck", she told me as I began to turn around heading to the bar.

- [at the bar/night club]

"a beer; please", I told the bar-tender standing at the counter.
"Your 17; which means your underage. Plus; your pregnant... I don't think that's good for that baby. Do you?", he asked.

"The drink wasn't for me; it's for you", I said turning to see an unfamiliar man. Looked to be in his early 30's.

"We haven't been properly introduced. I'm Hayley... Hayley Marshall; the girl you save; and disappear on. And who might you be??", I asked her handing him the beer.

"Jackson Kenner; let's just say I'm an old friend of yours", he said.
"I don't have any friends", I told me.
"Well; you have one now", he smirked.
"What is it you want? Why have you been saving me & leaving me? Why not tell me who you are?", I asked him.

"I been watching you for along time; before you even came to New Orleans", he said.

"Wow; like that isn't creepy enough", I said.
"You were supposed to be my wife", he said.

I stared at him confusedly; "you have a history; your parents... wolf & witch.... they were written in the Stars. Just like you & me", he said.

"Are you drunk?", I asked him.
"Hayley; listen.... I sent to protect you", he said.
"Sent? Sent by who?", I asked.

He paused. "If you say Klaus; I swear to god I'm going to scream", I said.
"By your parents", he said.
"My parents? They're alive?", I asked him.
"Yeah. Even though they abandoned you at birth; it really wasn't like that", he said trying to explain everything my parents did wrong.

"This is stupid. I should have never came looking for you", I said getting out of the chair & walking outside.
As he followed me; "that was kinda rude; leaving right when I was talking", he said.

"Your a liar. My parents... they're dead", I said.
"No there not", he said.
As I stopped walking turning around; "dead or not; there most certainly dead to me. They left me..... on my own. I grew up with a different family; when I didn't have to", I said.

"They d-- I cut him off; "they didn't want me!", I snapped.
"Send a little message to my parents. Tell them I don't know protection; most certainly not from them or you", I snapped.

"I thought Klaus told you", he said.
"Told me what?", I asked him.
"Told you that he knew your parents", he said.
"No; he didn't", I said as I turned around walking to the car; as I got it & sped home.

I opened the door to see Elijah sitting on the stairs; "I figured you went out on your own", he said.
I ignored him.

"Is everything okay?", he asked.
"Where the hell is Klaus?", I asked.
"Kitchen. From the tone of your voice I can tell something's wrong", he said.

As I walked towards the kitchen; to see Klaus & Rebekah draining the blood out of a females neck.

"Ah.. there you are love", he said.
"You fucking asshole!", I said walking up towards him about to slap him when he caught my hand.

"Let go of me", I shout.
"What is it now?", he asked.
"You knew my parents?", I asked him.
His face expression changed.

"This whole time you knew how much my parents were a big part of this; and kept this from me?", I asked him.

"What you didn't know wouldn't hurt you", he said wiping his lips.
"My parents!", I shout in anger.
"My parents!! The people who didn't want me! The people who abandoned me; because I wasn't up to there needs... you knew them! And your never told me?!?" ", I shout as I began to throw plates in the kitchen.

"Hayley!?", Elijah shout my name.
"How could you keep something like this from me?", I asked him.

"Aren't you being a little dramatic?", he asked.
As I pulled away from him; "its official. Klaus Mikealson doesn't care about anyone but himself", I said as I walked past him going to the door; as I walked outside getting in the car; and driving away.

I couldn't stay here anymore.
I need to get the hell out of New Orleans just for a week.

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