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"T-that's why it's called tertiary structure."

I finished explaining as I pointed to the image of a protein structure on the screen. Hopefully my stuttering wasn't getting in my way because I wanted to be as clear as I could, especially the fact that I wasn't teaching Aly, but Edward. He nodded as he took the information in, which relieved me to the top.

With one hand typing, his other one was holding a spoon, slicing a small portion of the muffin I had given him. I was more than delighted to see that he was enjoying and loving the food. On the other hand, Aly and Adelynn haven't touched theirs, and were left sitting on the plate.

"Thanks Rena," he finally said.

"N-No problem," the tone in my voice went low when I noticed Aly wiggling her eyebrows suggestively at me. I decided to ignore her and continued with my work.

Myla was currently sitting on top of Edward's lap, staring curiously at what he was doing. It raised its paws and attempted to put them on his hands, but Edward gently pushed it aside. Despite the puppy somewhat distracting him, he wasn't at all bothered.

"Rena," after swallowing his food, Edward leaned towards me, almost brushing against me, "if there is primary, secondary and tertiary, what's quaternary then?"

"I-It's like a huge in-interactions of multiple polypeptides."

"Are the hydrogen bonds involved as well?"

"Y-yes, I believe," my wet palms were shaking and my veins were tingling so hard. He was closer than before and I could feel his warm breath against my skin.

"Alright, I got it now," he moved away.

Myla slowly wagged her tail, but it quickened when Edward placed his hand on top of its head and tousled its furs. From the other side of the table, Adelynn resentfully leered at the puppy, as her bottom lips was pushed forward to form a pout. Meanwhile, Aly just chuckled at the scene, before she resumed with her project.

Edward then called me out again to clear his misunderstandings about biomolecules. He had constantly asked me a lot, but I was fine with them. The more, the better... I could use this as a practice to improve my speaking skills, as well as getting along with him too. He had helped me with some physics questions, after all.

"Seb sure takes so long to come," Adelynn suddenly commented as she turned towards the direction of the front door, "he must have been really busy with his fashion duties."

"That's obvious," Aly snorted, casting a bored look, "he's always handling all of those shows."

"He texted me that he would be late," Edward informed.

Hearing them talking about Seb reminded me of my chats with him yesterday. I haven't told Aly about the hangout on Sunday, and I have no intentions to since I knew what her response would be. They were both sworn enemies anyway, and I didn't want to further complicate their relationship further.

"That's good. The more busier he is, the less time I would see him today," Aly folded her arms.

"Big welp right there," Adelynn butted in as she loudly sighed, "even from back then until now, you two are still despising each other's ass. Like Jesus Christ, can you guys just settle your differences?"

"Heh, that won't happen like in a millenia," she retorted, "he's always acting like he's the best dude and running around being annoying. He's even worse now than when we were kids."

"Well yeah, he can be narcissistic and obnoxious," Adelynn rebutted, "but I'm still accepting the way he is. He'll drop his sarcasm if you start treating him like a human."

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