17. Doctor's office

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1 month later

Your P.O.V

"Baby, come on lunch!" Camila yelled, I got up from the bed a day ran downstairs "Coming, babe" I say as I walk into the dining room "Hurry we have to eat because your appointment is at 2:00" she said looking at her phone and set down a plate of food in front of me, "Where's mine?" Dinah asked grabbing a piece of egg from my plate "Right here, babygirl." Lauren said and opened her legs, I choke on my soda and look at Camila "Get yo nasty asses outta here, my girl is trying to eat." She said pushing them out.

"But I'm hungry!" Lauren yelled acting like a child, stomping her foot to the floor.

"Yeah, hungry for that dick!" Ally yelled from the living room, I burst out laughing and fall out of my chair "Y/n eat your food." Camila said point a finger at my plate, I gulp getting up from the floor and continue to eat my food. She only calls me Y/n when she's serious or mad.

I finish my food and go get ready, I quickly change into a pair of ripped jeans, a basic black Huf shirt and my Jordan slides. I walk downstairs and say good bye to the girls then walk out and meet Camila in the car "I brought your medicines, do you want to take them?" She asked as she turned on the car.

"I already told you no." I mumble plug in my phone into the aux cord blasting 'LIKE I WOULD' by Zayn. I just feel like annoying Camila, "Babe!" Camila yelled and shut it off "What?" I ask "I need you to take your medicine, please babe. Just take it, they need to see the side effects." She pleaded, I grab the bottle and open pouring out my dosage and swallow them dry. "Happy?"

20 minutes later

We arrive and I sigh "Come on, babe. It's gonna be okay." Camila reassured, I unclip my seat belt and get out. We walk hand in hand into the office, there's only a couple of people. I sign myself in and sit down next to Camila "Babe, quit worrying. It's fine, just relax." She whispered and kissed my hand, I smile then watch the news on the tv.

"Y/n Y/l/n?" A nurse called out, I stand up fixing my shirt then grab Camila's hand, we're directed into a small room where he took my hight and blood pressure.

I fucking hate any doctors office. When I was little my parents would hold me down when I got shots, then as I got older getting diagnosis with bipolar disorder, I punch my last doctor because he got on my nerves, so now I have new doctor whom I never met before. Hopefully this vist goes good, if not I'm gonna need a new doctor.

The nurse directs us into a different room then shuts the door. "You ok, babe" Camila asked "No, I wanna leave," I whined, she chuckles and pecks my lips, I bite my lip and straddle her waist bringing both of us into another kiss, she grips my waist and moves her hands down to my ass squeezing it softly causing me to moan. She pulls away kissing along my jaw, trailing down to my neck. She sucks on my pulse point and bites down harshly, I whimper and she chuckles "Mine." She whispers kissing my shoulder "I'm yours." I smile kissing her again, but the door opens.

I jump off her lap sitting down next to her, "Hello, Y/n! My name is Dr. Dallas, but you can call me Cameron if you'd liek." Cameron chuckled while shaking my hand and Camila's "This is my fiancé, Camila." I say, he just smiles and writes something down "Nice to meet you, Camila." He said and looked at me, "Ok, says here that you don't take your medication, why is that?" He asked sitting back in his chair.

"It makes me think horrible things, so I stopped taking them." I say, he nods and writes something down. We gonna have problems if he writes everything I say down "What kind of things?" He asked "Like when I dream, it's this girl telling me to kill people." I said, Camila grabs my hand and gives me a small smile, he looks at us and smiles also.

"Ok, so we're going to put you on several types of medicines and we'll need a blood test" He said, I frown and stand up getting nervous, "Baby, Calm down." Camila says, I sigh but sit down listening to her. She's the only thing that can calm me down when I'm mad.

He walks out for a minute and then comes back in with paperwork "Sign here and we'll call the pharmacy to get you your medicines." He said handing Camila the papers, she signs her part then I sign mine. I read the list of medicines: lithium, Carbamazepine, Lamotrigine, Valproate, Asenapine.

"Wow a lot of medicines" I mumble as he signs the papers and gives them to his assistant. "Follow me please." He said and I sigh "Camila I don't want to." I pout, she groans covering her eyes. She always gives in when I pout. Yeah, I may be 20 but I don't like getting shots.

"If you come, I'll get you that new Call of Duty game you've been wanting." She said and I immediately stand up running to the next room, I sit down and the nurse grabs my arm, wipes it with the alcohol pad and feels for a vein, he grabs the needle and I clench my other fist.

I feel the needle poke my skin and I wince, punching the male nurse in his nose, he falls back knocking over the cart. Camila squeals and Dr. Dallas is just laughing. "Shit, I'm sorry." I apologize to the guy, he chuckles and quickly shove some tissue up his nose and finish taking my blood.

"Looks like we're done, if you have any questions or concerns. Please call me or the office." Cameron said while checking his clip board. "Y/n do you mind if I have a word with Camila?" He asked as the guy wrapped my arm up, I looked at him weirdly, "Uh I guess." I say. He smiles "Daddy, will be back." She whispered in my ear then kissed my head, I choke on my spit then smirk at her.

Camila's P.O.V

"I just need to ask ask few questions, don't worry." He reassured me, I nod sitting in one of his chairs "How's your guys' relationship? Do y'all fight?" He asked "We're fine and yes sometimes, but we make up afterwards" I say and he nods.

"I feel like it's best if you start talking to her, ask her how's her day or how's she doing." He says and I sigh "I try to but she shuts me out. Some days she just leaves to hang out with her friends and doesn't come back until the morning." I say and he cleared his throat, looking at the papers on his desk.

"When she gets mad, how long is it?" He asked grabbing his notepad jotting down some things "Hours." I say "You need to make sure she takes her medicine if not she'll get worse." He said and I nod "Thank you that's enough information, have a nice day." He said getting up and opening the door for me, I nod and see y/n smiling like a kid

"Hey baby." She squealed, I smile and hug her, We set up another appointment for next month then make our way back to the car. My stomach gurgle and I feel something coming up from my throat, I open the car door and the food we had earlier is all over the parking lot concrete. "You ok, dork?" Y/n asked. I nod as she hands me a napkin, I wipe my mouth and gargle some water we had in the car.

"Babe, are you pregnant?" She asked and I gulp

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