Chapter 2

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Alice's Pov

I woke up to the sound of someone opening the door. The people at the door were a girl with blond hair, Shane, and the Sheriff. They were carrying the boy who got stuck in the fence. 

Once they walked into the shed they put him on the floor and tied him up. When they were done, they left. Shane being the last to leave, he glared daggers at the both of us.

Once they thought they were out ofor earshot, they started talking.

"What are we going to do?" The woman asked.

"I think that we should kill them. Their a threat to the whole group and the farm!" I'm guessing, Shane said

"There just kids" The Sheriff said.

"Who knows, their group could be out there, trying to find them. And when they find out that we have them, I'm guessing that they'll be fucking pissed!"

"I'll get someone to talk to them." The girl said.


"Sounds good."


I heard shuffling as they walked away.

"Hey kid." The boy in front of me asked. "Whats your name?"

I didn't say anything...

"I'm Randall." He winced.

"My name is Alice." I say cautiously.

"Cool. I likeven it. Its pretty-"

Before Randall could say anything else, man with dark brown longish
hair walked into the small shed, his hand hovering over a large hunting knife that was strappend to hisee belt.

"Where's yer group?" The man grunted while knelling in front of Randall. 

I pouted. Damn it its too dark in here. I can't see there faces.

"You don't understa-" Randall started but the man punched him in the face.

Even though it was dark, I closed my eyes not wanting to see the scene in front of me.

"Wher' is you' group" He asked again.

"They l-left m-me!" Randall whimpered.

After that I just blocked it all out until I heard him say that his group raped two girls that were living on a farm and they made there father watch, then they killed the father, but they didn't kill the girls. 

Randall was bleeding all over his face and he was pleading to the man.

"P- P- Please I'm n- not like t- that. . . I w- w- wouldn't do that t- to anyone!"

In response the man just started to beat Randall's face. Punching him over and over.

The man stood up and walked over to me. I started to shake with fear as he knelt down in front of me, afraud that hwe wold hurt me. I was struggling to get out of the handcuffs, but instead I was met with the pain of the cuffs digging into my skin. The man brought his dirty hand up to my face and tilted my head up to I was looking at him.

"How ol' are ye?" He asked

"Eleven." I said. HA! I didn't stutter!

"Do ya know this boy?"

"N- No sir." Darn it. 

"Did ye hav' a group befor' all this shit happened?"

"N- No. I g-got separated from my dad and uncle b- before all this... stuff happened." I said with my tears threatening to spill.

"Mmhm" Is all he did in reply before dropping his hand and walking out.

Once he was gone I didn't feel comfortable being around Randall alone because of what hus group had done, so I scooted to the far corner as far away from him as I can get, and curled up into a small ball. I couldn't sleep the whole night, because It was cold, and I am scared of the dark, and of Randall.



Shane came in early in the morning and grabbed me by the hair and dragged me out of the small shed and up a grassy field. He threw me to the ground by a small fireplace. 

When I looked up to see what was going on around me, I saw a whole group of people. I looked at Shane and saw that he had a gun to my head. I was on my knees and I was about to say something but a woman with long black hair said "She's just a girl, Shane! Please stop, don't do this!" She sounded frantic.

At her words he just cocked the gun and pressed the gun to my temple. At this point the tears started pouring down my face.

"P- Please" I cried. "D- Don't do this!"

"Shane!" Someone screamed.

I closed my eyes waiting for death.

"PUT THE FUCKIN' GUN DOWN!" He screamed.

I heard shuffling and then I opened my eyes to see the one face that I thought I would never see again. My...


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