Chapter 2

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Undisclosed Location

Time Unknown

 Loki narrowed his eyes and walked off. Peter let out the breath he hadn't known he'd been holding. He continued to tug at the handcuffs for the rest of the night. 

Three Days Later 

Peter slowly and weakly tugged at the cuffs. His wrists were beyond mangled. There wasn't a spot where his hands weren't covered in blood. Peter's eyes widened as he heard faint footsteps come towards him. He continued to pull- harder. Harder. Harder!  Soon enough he saw Loki's lean form appear form the corner. Peter didn't stop trying to get free; he had to. 

Loki's eyes widened when he saw how much blood was leaking from Peter's wrists. "You shouldn't do that," he said, looking extremely uncomfortable, "you mortals needs blood to serve, I assume?"  Peter shifted, looking away. 

"Why would you care?" he snapped icily. "Aren't you the one who kidnapped me?" Why would his kidnapper care so much about how much blood he had in his body? Loki's eyes silted. 

"I don't want a dead body to hand off to H.Y.D.R.A. They won't be too fond of that." Peter's blood went to ice in seconds. 

"H...H.Y.D.R.A.?" he stammered, "y-you're going to hand me off to H.Y.D.R.A.?" Loki frowned at this. 

"Yes," he said slowly, "once I get my staff back, you will be handed off to H.Y.D.R.A." Peter's eyes widened as he thought of his earlier encounters with H.Y.D.R.A.  His horrifying encounters with H.Y.D.R.A.


"No! Stop!" 

"S-Stop that! It hurts! 

"Get away from me!" 

The pain.... the blood... the nightmare. 

The experimenting. 



"Ow! That hurts! Get away from me!"


Peter started to hyperventilate. He clawed at his neck, his face to try to get a better breath. He fell to his knees, head hitting the cold floor. Loki knew that this wasn't an act. He teleported inside the 'jail' and bent down to the teenager. He didn't know what to do, so he sat down next to Peter and lightly laid a had on Peter's back. 

Eventually Peter started to cool down, a bit. Even though the man next to him enslaved him, he tried to help him. He coughed, and sat up, bringing his knees to his chest. Loki's hand moved away from him, and he just looked at Peter with confusion, and... was that panic? Peter took a deep breath, and despite everything, said: 

"Thanks," he murmured quietly. "I'm... sorry you had to see that." He looked away and started to study the bed that he totally forgot about. 

Loki eyed the bed as well. Then his gaze flickered back to Peter- then his battered wrists. Loki sighed in defeat. 

"Perhaps... It will be better if you don't harm yourself." with a twist of his hand, the handcuffs disappeared from Peter's wrists. Peter didn't move. His body shook as he took a deep breath. 

"What is your name?" Loki asked after a bit. Peter stilled. He shifted as he replied:

"P-Peter," he whispered. Loki nodded, really listening. 

"Alright, well, are you hungry, Peter?" he asked, with a surprisingly large amount of warmth and softness in his voice. 

The grumble of Peter's stomach answered that. Peter was grateful that he had his mask on so that it could hide his blush. 

Loki smiled and chuckled a bit. 

"That answers my question. Alright, I'll be back." Then Loki was gone. 

Peter would never admit it in a million years, but he was kinda sad that the god left. He did not like being alone; it left him with too many depressing thoughts. 

He took this time alone to look around the cell since he was no longer chained. He walked over to the corner next to the door, farthest away from the bed, and just sat. He buried his head in his head in his arms. 

Loki dropped off some bread and left. 

What the hell. 

Peter -being the stupid boy he be- decided to rebel and not eat. 

For the whole day. 

=-=-=-=-=-=-= (By the way sorry this is going fast pace, I just don't think you want this story to be 3 chapters of Peter just sitting there doing nothing) 

Next Day 

Peter only sat there; how long he didn't know. It was the sixth day and he was starting to loose hope. He cried that night, or at least he had thought it was night. He didn't care, he just needed to let it out. The loaf of bread -A whole loaf!- sat sadly where Loki had gently sat it down. 

It wasn't touched. 

Soon enough, there were the footsteps that came toward him. Peter'd head shifted but didn't look up as he saw the green smoke out of the corner of his eye. Loki was now in the cell with him. 

Loki was not happy. He wasn't mad, either. He was sort of sad. The fact that the guy wasn't eating anything was... alarming. 

Loki sat down next to Peter. The glass of water in his hand was sat down in between them. Loki was surprised when the infamous Spider-Man didn't fight him the first time. After about 15 minutes, Loki started to speak. 

"Whether you like it or not, you have to eat something," he said softly. Peter turned his head. 

"Why are you keeping me here?" he asked weakly. He surprised himself by the scratchiness of his own voice. He slowly took the water and sipped on it. Loki smiled a bit at his cooperation. Loki got up and fetched him the bread. 

Peter started to nibble on it. He didn't want to show weakness, but it was beyond at this point. 

"I need my scepter back," Loki replied after a while. Peter looked at him, eyes wide. 

"I-I don't think Tony h-has it anymore," he whispered. Tony said that he gave it to S.H.E.I.L.D. after they had gotten it from Loki's attempt at the invasion. Loki's eyes narrowed. 

"Please tell me more," he said softly. Peter looked up with huge eyes, even though Loki couldn't see it. 

"H-He said he gave it to S.H.E.I.L.D." 



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