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The atmosphere of the school had changed within the last week of the school year. The professors were less worried about Sirius Black. Rumors had started that he left Hogwarts and was on the run again. That was what everyone wanted to believe since the dementors had left the grounds. Yet, some were still skeptical and on the lookout for the criminal. Besides the huge relief being lifted off of everyone's shoulders, it was revealed that Professor Lupin was a werewolf. This frightened some and caused them to turn their heads from him. For the safety of the school, and for angry parents, Professor Lupin decided to leave Hogwarts. Some were happy to see him go and some were not. 

The morning of Professor Lupin's departure, Estella was walking down the hall when Lupin stopped her.

"Miss Raney, if you don't mind, can I speak with you for a moment?" He said.

"Of course," Estella replied with a smile. Despite what others had thought of the professor, including Draco, she actually enjoyed having him as a professor.

"As you know, I'm leaving, but before I go I wanted to give you something," Lupin said, reaching into one of his bags. He pulled out a small old book. It was a faded blue color and on the cover were words that were wearing off. 

Estella took the book and read the title, "Stars and what lies within them " 

"I know I've had all year to give this to you and to tell you the story behind it, but well, there didn't ever seem to be a right time," Lupin explained.

"What do you mean?" Estella asked.

The man smiled then said, "This book belonged to your father, but I borrowed it one day and never gave it back. I should have given it back a long time ago because it wasn't until recently that I realized how special this book is. You see, I went to school with your father. I was friends with him. Good friends actually. Of all of the friends I had, he was the most...calm," He chuckled softly then continued, "Then you were born, and one night your parents decided to trust me to watch over you while they went out. It was an interesting night, since I've never been one to be good with babies. Needless to say, you ended up in my lap with chocolate smeared all over your face while I read some of the stories in this book to you. Since you were barely one year old, I don't expect you to remember that but I figured you would enjoy this now just as you did back then."

Estella smiled big, and without a word, she hugged the professor.

"Thank you," she said before letting go.

"You're welcome," he replied.

"It's a shame you have to leave, I have so many questions now," Estella added.

"I'm not disappearing. Since my secret is completely out of the bag and I don't have to completely hide anymore, perhaps I will come visit you and your mother this summer?"

"That would be really nice."

"Well, I should be on my way now. Goodbye Estella," Lupin said with a smile as he grabbed his bags.

"Goodbye, Professor," Estella replied.



"I'm no longer a professor now, so you can call me Remus"

With that, the man walked away. Estella looked down at the book and ran her hand over it. It was nice to now have another connection to her father. Although pieces were still missing in the puzzle of the mystery of her father's death, she knew she would find them with time.

Estella started walking, only to be stopped again. This time it was Hermione.

"Hello Estella!" She greeted.

"Hello Hermione!" Estella greeted back.

"What's that?" Hermione asked, referring to the book in Estella's hand.

"A book that Professor Lupin gave me," she answered.

"How kind of him...it's unfair that he left."

"I agree."

"The things people are starting to say...they aren't even true."

"What do you mean?"

"Well for starters, Sirius Black isn't who everyone thinks he is."

The two girls ended up in the library while Hermione proceeded to tell Estella what had happened in the past forty-eight hours. When she was done, Estella was shocked and was left with more questions than before. The two then talked about their summer plans even though Estella was still thinking about the past.

That night while everyone was asleep, Estella sat by the window next to her bed and read from the book. She read two or three stories before flipping through the book. On the very last page was a list of names. The first few were faded but were still visible enough to read. As she read down the list she noticed that each name had her last name. Immediately she figured out that this book had been passed down for generations. At the bottom of the list was her father's name written in broad ink. This was what Remus meant when he said he should have given it back a long time ago. This book was meant to be passed down to Estella. Remus figured that out. Estella knew how bad he must have felt when he realized that, yet she was not upset with him. In fact, she was grateful that she received the book at all. Her mind did wonder about each name and how the book was passed down to each one. She even started to imagine what it might have been like if her father were alive to give it to her. He probably would have given it to her on one of their stargazing expeditions. Or maybe on her eighteenth birthday. Or maybe on her wedding day.

She had not noticed the tear that ran down her face when she thought of those things. With a sigh she closed the book and looked up at the sky through the window.

"I miss you most at night while you dance among the stars with the moon as your spotlight, and I'm left down here watching the show."

A/N: So that was kinda sad. Wow. I know what most of you are probably thinking, "Why is Lupin all of the sudden showing up?" Well, I wanted him to be a small yet big part of the story since the beginning but honestly, I forgot to introduce him. I know this chapter/introduction was probably awkward and you're probably thinking "great, the plot is ruined" but trust me, it will make sense later on and no this isn't becoming the plot. It's just the a piece to the puzzle. I mean I have to talk about her dad at one point or another right?

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