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Recap chap 32:

"Don't forget to wear something sexy." His last words were muffled by the door. I let out an audible groan as I glared at Alec and Nash and then took off toward the parking lot.

If there was one thing for certain, it was that Thursday was going to be the deciding factor in the not-so- relationship relationship between Fenix and I. The confirmation that he was my baby's father was either going to make us, or break us. I just hoped that there would be something left of me in the event that he left me broken.


Chapter 33: Should Have Seen That Coming

"I'm starting to think this was a really bad idea." I muttered as I nervously looked out the car window for any sign of Fenix.

I persuaded him to meet me at the hospital instead of picking me up at the apartment. For one, it was less conspicuous, and two, I didn't want to spend more time alone with him than necessary. I needed to distance myself, my heart from him, not get sucked in deeper.

"Well if you ask me, fucking your teacher in a filthy men's room was a bad idea as well sexy baby." Nash retorted playfully, but I knew that jab wasn't quite as playful as he made it sound.

If it weren't for that incident, I wouldn't have rejected his love and decided to move toward more independence in our relationship. His heart wouldn't have been crushed by me, I wouldn't have been through so much turmoil with Fenix. Hell, maybe things would have turned out differently for everyone.

Even though Nash never encouraged the one night stands I had in the past, he never discouraged them either. Not that they were many, since I normally just gave up and fucked my best friend, him, instead. Yet he remained neutral, like the color beige, or the country Switzerland. Even so, there was something about Fenix that he just didn't like from the moment he laid eyes on him.

I don't know if it was Fenix's arrogance or sexy superiority that rubbed Nash the wrong way. Maybe it was the fact that he liked to be the cocky alpha and with Fenix around that just wasn't the case. Tension was always high between them and the death glares and insults they exchanged were maddening.

It was an endless cock fight with those two, and I honestly wished I could crawl into a hole and die when they were in close proximity. A girl who enjoys having two grown men constantly at each other's throats, viaing for dominance and bragging rights over her, has got to be insane or a whore. In my case, maybe it was a bit of both, but I loathed it nonetheless.

Seeing two guys I cared for despise one another only brought guilt and sadness to my heart. They would both be a part of me, hopefully both be in my life, but I didn't want this for myself or for the baby. I knew it wasn't going to get any easier once paternity was pseudo-confirmed.

I was hoping that Fenix wouldn't show so I could continue this charade a bit longer. I wasn't certain why I didn't want him to know the truth yet. Perhaps I was just afraid. Even so, I didn't have a choice but to confess once the ultrasound dated the pregnancy.

Fenix knew as well as I did that I hadn't been with anyone but him, because we'd talked about it before. Except for Nash that is, that one time a month or so after we'd slept together. I'd had sex with Nash after leaving Soren, but it was months before my chance encounter with the illusive and charmingly infuriating professor.

There was no chance the baby could have belonged to anyone but him. Maybe that's why he refused to believe that he wasn't the father. It was pretty cut and dry as far as paternity went. I could do simple math as well as anyone and Fenix was the only one since I was engaged to Soren, that I didn't use a condom with or any other form of birth control while having sex. It wasn't indisputable DNA proof, but all things considered, it was proof enough and he knew it damn well.

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