Another Note

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Dear readers and fans of this short story. I have decided to take a break from this story for a while because I seem to be stuck with how to write the next chapters and how I want the rest of the story to play on.

I have been writing another story and will publish parts here and there feel free to check out my new book "Broken Promises", I will be updating this one soon, I just needed a short break because I cant seem to think of anymore good ideas for this one, if any of my fans would like to message me for more ideas on this story feel free, I would love to hear your ideas. Also, during my break of my this story I have been working on chapters of my new book, feel free to check it out once I update a chapter.

Feel free to:




Thank you so much for the understanding. As soon as I have something for this story I will upload it.

Lots of love!!!!

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