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Ryan in the media again 😍.

A week later...

Steph's P.O.V

Today, Mark and Stacey are supposed to be making a weeks visit, to see Mia. Now, Mia is not home, currently. She's at Baseball practice. Ryan isn't home either. He's out with some friends.

I fixed up the house as best as possible, even though there was nothing to fix. Everything looked fine.

My thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell ringing.

Shit, they're here.

I made my way to the door, opening it. There stood Mark Sanchez, probably 4th string to the Dallas Cowboys. His wife Stacey and their children, Matthew, Jason and Kaitlyn.

"Good afternoon"I say

"Good afternoon Mr. Curry"Stacey said

I nod. Mark gave me a bro hug, the same for the teen boys. Kaitlyn jumped into my arms, causing me to laugh.

"It's Stephen Curry!!!"she exclaimed

"Yeah"I say, chuckling

She got down, still smiling at me. I grin.

"Come on inside"I say, opening the door a bit more wider

They walk in and head straight for the living room. I closed the door and followed them to the living room.

They were looking at the picture display case. It consisted of Mia's perfect attendance awards, pictures of me, her and Ryan at the park. Pictures of us at my game. And my personal favorite, her looking back at us from the dugout. Her number showed and her eyes gleamed.

"Is that...is that our girl?"Stacey asked

My girl 🙃.

"Yeah"I say

"Oh my god. Mark, she grew up to be gorgeous"Stacey cooed

"She did, right? I don't know why I told you to do that"Mark responded

"Right? I totally regret that decision"she said

They stood there, all of them, silently looking at the pictures and stuff. I smirked.

That's exactly what they get. One mans trash is another mans treasure, you assholes.

"So, would you guys like anything to drink?"I say, trying to ease the tension

"Sure. Um, do you have Coke?"Matthew said

"Yes sir"I say

He nods, smiling.

"I'll take a Pepsi"Jason said

I nod.

"Do you have Apple Juice?"Kaitlyn asked

"Yes ma'am, I do"I say

"Can I have Apple Juice please?"she asked

"Yes you can"I say

She smiles up at me. I look over toward Mark and Stacey.

"Mark? Stacey?"I say

They both turn to face me.

"Uh, water, would be nice"Stacey said

"Okay. And Mark?"I say

"Do you happen to have Beer?"he asked

I chuckled.

"Bud light or Corona?"I say

"You were ready, weren't you?"he said

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