Chapter 52

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(Tay Pov)

"Where You Heading To?" I Heard Someone.

I Looked Up And Their Stood Gemini Leaning Against The Door Frame. Towel Around His Waist Hanging Dangerously Low, Water Droplets Still Lingering On His Skin.

"Your Wetting The Floor" I Said.

I Dipped Under My Bed Looking For My Blue PINK Slides.

"Thats Not The Only Thing I Can Get Wet" I Heard Him Say.

I Paused From My Search And Looked Up At Gemini Who Was Grinning.

"You Disgust Me" I Told Him Before I Went Back To Looking For My Slides.

I Found My Slides And I Sat On My Bed As I Slipped On My Socks On My Feet. Well One Feet The Other Was A Struggle...

"Come On Now Tay..." He Said As He Came And Knelt Down And Took My Sock From My Hand And Helped Me Slide Them On. "We're Grown" He Said.

"I..." I Said Pointing To Myself. "Not You" I Added Pointing To Him As He Stood Back Up... "Thank You" I Told Him.

"Probably Your Right... I Do Look That Young..." He Said.

"Dont Flatter Yourself" I Told Him.

He Just Smirked As He Looked Down At Me Who Was Still Seated On The Bed... "You Should Know... My Homie Down There..." He Said Diverting His Eyes To His Man Tool Then Back Up To Me. "Is Grown... I Can Prove It To You If You Want" He Told Me As He Bit His Lip.

"Not A Chance" I Told Him.

"Chance" He Said As He Got Closer To Me.

I Attempted To Move Back Like Away From Him... But I Had No Chance...

"Where You Going?" He Said As He Gripped My Waist And Pulled Me Back Closer To Him.

Satisfied At My Level He Then Got On Top Of Me... Hovering Over Me.

"Why You Always Running?" He Asked Me.

"Now Why I Would Run From You?" I Asked As I Got On My Elbows To Look Back Up At Him.

He Kissed Me And I Kissed Him Back... Then He Pulled Back And Asked Me... "Why Dont You Be Bae Again So I Can Eat You Up Night And Day?"

I Started Laughing A Little Cause What He Just Said To Me Was Funny But Cute...

"I See You Laughing" He Said With A Smile. "You Must Can Handle All This Huh?" He Asked Me.

"I Can But Question Is Can You?" I Asked Him.

"Let Me See What I Gotta Work With" He Said As Tugged Lightly At My Tights.

"Yall Is Nasty" We Heard.

I Looked And There Stood TD... Wtf Was He Doing At My House... How Did He Get In.

"Its Not What You Think???" I Said Quickly.

"Its Exactly What You Think" Gemini Told Him.

"He's Lying" I Said Pushing Him Off Me.

"Aye Its Okay" TD Said.

"He Just Came To Talk..." I Tried To Say.

"Talk??" Gemini Questioned. As I Slipped On My PINK Slides Gemini Pulled Me By My Tights And Held Me To Him.

"Mhmmm" TD Said Then I Heard His Footsteps Leave.

"If You'd Stop Playing.. We Wouldve Been Able To Do More Than Talk" He Told Me.

"Who Said I Wanna Do More Than Talk With You"  I Asked Gemini.

"You?" He Said As He Leaned Down And Kissed My Lips.

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