Chapter 1

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"Ayla?" Sherlock said, "But...but you were in America?"

"Nice to see you too," Aylanara said, rolling her eyes, "Can I come in?"

Sherlock stepped aside, along her to go in, and she did, immediantly sitting in one of the chairs.

Sherlock closed the door and aat down opposite her.

"How was America?" Sherlock asked.

"Oh you was ok..." Aylanara said absentmindedly.

"Ayla," Sherlock said, "I know that your lying. I can see through you,"

"It doesn't matter," Aylanara said, "I needed a break. Wanted to see my family,"

Sherlock looked doubtful, but let her carry on.

"How are you these days?" Aylanara asked, "You never were the most sociable person,"

"I've not seen you since I was 5. People change," Sherlock said.

"You haven't," Aylanara said, "I checked up on you, over all these years. Who do you think got John to move in with you?"

"That was you?" he said, "But...but John's friend..."

"I payed him, you idiot," Aylanara said, "My job had some perks,"

Sherlock picked up on her use of past tense, but didn't let on.

"Do you need a place to stay?" Sherlock asked, changing the subject.

"I could do with a place, actually," Aylanara said.

"Stay here for a while," Sherlock said, "We haven't seen each other in quite a few years,"

"Thank you," Alyanara said, "Does...does our other brother live here?"

Sherlock laughed.

"No...of course not," Sherlock said, "Just me and John. Do you mind taking the sofa?"

"Not at all," Alyanara said, "I look forward to spending time with you. A lot happens in 15 years, don't you think?"

Oooo Sherlock doesn't know of his sister's secret. Will he report it to Mycroft?

Also, its pronounced Ay-la-nara for these were wondering :)

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