"I still don't understand why you freaked out, it's not a big deal," Luffy whined, as he nursed the enormous welt I had given him.

"Just shut up and brood," I grumbled from my place in the farthest corner from Luffy. I pulled Luffy's shirt around me tighter and watched as he shivered and stared at me enviously.

"Can I atleast have my shirt back?"

I smirked and tightened it around me, sighing in fake content. "This is your punishment!"

"For what!" he cried. "I didn't do ANYTHING!"

I ignored him and laid against the wall, the collar of his vest hiding the small smile on my lips. I reached up and brushed my fingertips against my lips. It hadn't been my first kiss, but it sure felt like it. I knew for sure Luffy never kissed someone before, yet he had seemed so experienced - except for the fact that he thought it was to keep my lips warm. Although, at the end when he announced his pants had gotten tight and then I felt something poke against my thigh, the entire romantic moment had practically been shot out the window by a cannon, and I went postal on him - hence the new growth on his head. Now his punishment was to freeze to death in this cell without his shirt.

Yup, perfect punishment for him. Atleast I got a good view of his abs...

I blushed and shook my head rapidly. 'What the hell? First the kiss and now his abs? I really need a therapist...'

A loud crashing echoed through the corridor, and down the hall stomped several soldiers, all of them lead by Mira , who bore a malicious grin. The group stopped in front of our cell and the door was unlocked and we were hauled out of the cell. I was slammed against the stone wall by Mira , her hand wrapped around my neck, as Luffy was pinned to the cell bars, the kairoseki keeping him from coming to my aide.

"What's going on?" I asked shakily.

"We're transporting you two out of here," she replied. "The boy's going straight to the marines - his bounty will do us a great deal. And you my dear," she purred, "will be going to the auction house."

"W-What?" I gasped. "But slavery is illegal!" I couldn't believe my sister was doing this.

She cackled. "Not where you're going." She glanced over me for a moment, almost as if he were contemplating something. "Y'know, you are quite a strong - for my liking - maybe you can be my slave?"

I spat in her eye and she screamed, but instead of letting go, her grip around my neck tightened, crushing my windpipe and making it harder to breath than the bruise on my stomach did.

"Stupid bitch! Forget it, I'm not gonna do you any favors by keeping you. You're going straight to Shabody where, hopefully, you'll be sold and made into some man's bitch," she cackled.

I trembled and tears pricked at my eyes.

I had never been more scared in my life...

Luffy screamed and kicked, but his actions were slowed by the kairoseki weakening him. "Let her go!" he screamed, weakly kicking at the soldiers that held him to the bars.

Mira smirked and took a knife from her pocket before lifting up the hem of my shirt "This is pay back bitch, and you can go ahead and cry for me as well," she said with a sadistic laugh before slicing a thin line across my stomach.

My eyes went wide and I tried to scream, but it was muffled by the hand she had been using to choke me with, which had now switched to cover my mouth. I kicked at her legs and slammed my hands into his chest, but she refused to let go.

The twin laughed and sighed to the sound of my muffled scream. "Ah~ music to my ears~ Go ahead little kitten, scream for me!"