Chapter 1

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I got this idea at like 12 PM. Okay, three stories at once- 

Let's Move!


New York


9:03 P.M.

"Yeah so after your patrol come by and say 'hi'. Oh my god, that rhymed! I didn't mean that to happen!" Tony laughed on the other end. Peter chuckled at the billionaire with a smile. The man was always so jokey. Apparently so was Peter, says Bucky, Logan and uh, Clint, and that made him very angry and offended. Only because he did not have a childish joke system. It was very sophisticated. Right? Right?

"Alright, Tony. Tell Clint I'm going to beat him and Bucky in Mario Cart. I'm going to finish up this patrol and then I'm going to come by," Peter replied with a smirk already thinking of plans and ways to defeat the soldier and archer. 

"Fine, but by the way Peter I don't think that you can beat them- you suck," Tony quipped. Peter glared at him even though he couldn't see him. Oh he could just imagine the smirk displayed on Tony's face for all to see. 

"You may be right, Stark, but at least I play better than you," he retorted. He heard Tony gasp sounding offended. He got ready for another retort, but before he could talk Peter removed his finger from the comm, not allowing the billionaire to respond. He smiled at the thought of leaving Tony speechless. 

He got up from the crouching position he was in and started to jump over rooftops. He had been on patrol, and now was going to head to Avengers Tower to say 'hi'. But he knew that he was going to probably stay the night because he had his own room there. Because Tony had to give him one even though he had an apartment. 


 While he was running he heard a scream of a man in an alley. Being the saint he was, he decided to go and help them out and then go to the tower. 

They could wait a little while, right? 

Peter landed on the cement with a small thud. He looked around, and he didn't see anyone, let alone anyone in peril. 

"Uh, hello?" he shouted. It echoed, and he was met with the same cold New York air. He was 100% sure that this is where the man had yelled. Suddenly it seemed that the shadows and the length of the alley doubled. Peter shrugged and just assumed that he was wrong. He aimed his webshooter to to top of the building to go and find the real noise. Before he could, there was a small laughter behind him. Peter turned, seeing only darkness- and a green fog? Peter thought he was starting to get delusional. 

"Spider-Man," he heard a smooth voice say, "you're coming with me." Peter was beyond confused. Alright, who was this guy? And why does it seem that someone just farted? It was sad that Peter was kinda scared that he couldn't see the man. And that his Spidey-Sense wasn't going off. 

"Nah, I don't think so. Ya know I haven't really known you for that long and that'd be inappropriate. At least ask me on a date, ya know?" Peter quipped. 

There was a chuckle that sent vibrations up Peter's spine. He suddenly got a feeling that he shouldn't be in this place. 

"You don't have a choice." 

Then the green smoke started to swirl around Peter's body and he couldn't get away from it. Suddenly his whole body was engulfed in it. He couldn't breath, and he put his hands on his throat. He coughed, trying to regain the ability to actually breath properly. 

His knees hit the cement, and his hands soon after. His vision started to flutter in and out between black and color. 

He gasped. 

As his eyes started to close Peter could see the silhouette of somebody walking towards him and the shine of gold as he lost consciousness. 


Tony huffed as Peter disconnected the call. Steve turned to him, an amused smirk played on his lips. 

"Peter's coming?" he asked, moving around the plates getting ready for the late dinner. Tony nodded, turning to look outside. Clint rushed in, Logan at his tail. 

"Finally," Bucky murmured from the couch, eyeing the two. "I'd thought I'd have to come and get you two myself." Logan huffed as he glared at Clint who just hid behind Steve. Logan stomped over to the couch where he sat next to Bucky with a grumble. 

"He'd better," Clint said, a bit out of breath, "I still have to beat him in Mario!" 


There was cold cement on Peter's cheek and all around his body. Peter groaned, sitting up. He was in a cold sweat, and his mask was still on his head, stuck. He noticed almost immediately that his hands were cuffed. He tried to break through, but couldn't. He stopped, frustrated, and looked around. He was in a cell. There was a bed and nothing else. Peter stumbled to his feet, looking around. There wasn't anything there, and his comm was static. He took out the comm and stomped on it. He grumbled, starting to tug on the handcuffs, hard. 

He didn't know how long he stayed there, though. It seemed like 20 minutes, perhaps. He didn't know- but all he did know was it was long enough to get his wrists bleeding from the amount that he tried to get free. 

He winced as he tugged again, gasping in pain. 

"Gah," he flinched as the cuffs started to dig into his wrist. He sat, there, the cuffs went straight through his costume. He tore off his gloves, seeing no point in keeping them on. His webshooters were already taken, so why bother? Blood started to pour down his hands, but he didn't care. He needed to get out of here, and find something that would get him to safety. 

"Please, don't do that," a voice said behind him. Peter turned and gasped. 



Yay? Nay? Either way Ima continue dis 

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