Chapter 1 - Marcy

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Marcy's POV

Marcy's Dream

Marcy... A voice rang through my head, it sounded familiar and I wanted to go to whoever it was. I opened my eyes, but I couldn't see anything other than the ground around me, I was in a spot light.

Marcy, please come home. The voice said and I heard footsteps echoing through where ever I was. They got louder and faster as they got nearer, first just a light thumping then a loud stomping until I felt like the ground was shaking.

Marcy, I need you to come home. His voice sounded hurt and strained and it made me feel a pain in my chest like I had been stabbed, but when I looked down at my chest there was no knife, no blood, nothing.

Am I having a heart attack? I wondered.

Marcy, I can't live without you. Marcy, where are you? He sounded desperate and suddenly the footsteps were all around me, his voice was all around me.

I opened my mouth, to yell to him, to tell him I'm right here and everything is okay, but no sound came out from my mouth. Instead, I found that I couldn't speak, then I couldn't breathe, then the pain in my chest came back.

I'm dying, I thought, I'm really going to die.

Suddenly two brown commander boots stepped into the light just as I fell to my knees and forced myself to look up at the persons face with every ounce of energy left in me.

Marcy. Suddenly everything clicked, the voice belonged to Jake, and he was standing right in front of me.

Jake! I screamed and suddenly I was fine, I could breathe, I could speak, I had energy, the pain was even gone now.

I jumped up and ran to him, reaching my arms out to him, but the second our skin should have touched, he disappeared and I fell to the ground. I looked around blankly, I had to find him.

Suddenly the spot light spread out and my wolf sat across from me, watching me.

Don't tell me you don't need him, Marcy. Don't do this to us, to you. She said to me and I opened my mouth to speak, to yell at her for all this as I realized this was a dream, but again nothing came out and everything turned black.

I jumped awake, covered in sweat, there was a slight pain, like a bruise, on my chest, although no mark, and I was gasping to breathe. But I could breathe just fine.

I looked around, expecting to wake up in my room with the sunlight pouring in through the window and warming me, but I wasn't.

I was lying on a couch, in a room I didn't recognize, in clothes that weren't mine.

It smelled like werewolves here, but not any I knew and there was no smell of vampires anywhere, not even on me, although the aching in my shoulder had barely dimmed since I passed out.

Oh right, I passed out.

Everything came flooding back to me, how I killed my Aunt and how Sam rejected me afterwards.

I'm a murderer, that's why I ran away,

But then I realized, I passed out in a cave, with no clothes on.

Looking down at myself I saw I was wearing a girl's running shorts that were loose around my waist and a man's shirt that hung on me and came down past the shorts.

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