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"Oh honey,I'm so glad you're staying with us.I know your step-uncle is a little bit to himself but he'll open up once he gets to know you."Aunt Paula smiled,putting my suitcase on my new bed.

I nodded,as I began to unpack my clothes.

"Well,I hope everything goes right.Ill see you down in a bit for dinner.Bye."She exited the room.

Sigh.I really don't want to start over.


Is someone texting me?

I checked my phone scrolling through my nonexistent notifications.

It was my mom.

'Please come home'

I couldn't.

I ignored the text and went to sleep.

I sleep when Im sad.I used to cry immediately but I had to teach myself a different way to cope with it.My teachers used to tell me it's better to let your emotions out than bottling them in.But I just look like a crybaby.Especially when I'm 15.

I woke up a few hours later and decided to walk around the neighborhood.

It seems pretty safe and it's actually quiet compared to Flatbush Ave,where I got lost trying to get here.(if ur from New York holla)

I kicked a pebble with my foot and pulled my headphones out my pocket so I could listen to music.

I would call a friend.If I had any.I'm too awkward to talk or text anyone.No one really wants to talk to me anyway.I always get so anxious when I'm in a social situation.I just avoid everyone and keep to myself.People think I'm rude but It's hard to explain to them how I feel.

Its like,'hey person please be my friend even though I'm a really boring person and you'll get tried of me with all of my problems .Im always sad and no one wants to come near me.And I don't fit in anywhere'

I bit my nail as I walked back to the house.Well an apartment technically.Lets be honest,only rich people have their own houses.

I went to my room and stared at the ceiling.Someone save me from my misery.

I turned on the tv and watched it.I tried not to think about how lonely I was.Girls my age want a boyfriend and I can't even get the courage to be friends with any.Its all too scary.They hug you and touch you...

I mentally shivered.I don't even catch feelings because I'm basically invisible.All I want is a best friend who can be there when I need her.

God,if you're listening,that's all I want.

Ayeeeeeeeee.First chapter.Its only a filler.Next chapter should be better.And for all the people reading with social anxiety I completely understand and hit me up cuz why not?

Launa is me.I am Launa.We are one.So enjoy the story.

Xoxo Nia

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